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Saturday, April 9th, 2005: Bible Bowl at the Alkire Road Church of Christ on Joshua (King James Text).

These pages contain the Gahanna-Jefferson congregation practice information.


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Index and Joshua Highlights

1. Text Questions Moses is replaced by Joshua the son of Nun in Chapter One.
2. Text Questions Rahab saves spies numbering two in Chapter Two.
3. Text Questions The people pass over Jordan wet free in Chapter Three.
4. Text Questions To Gilgal twelve stones are bore in Chapter Four.
5. Text Questions Circumcision and Passover thrive in Chapter Five.
6. Text Questions Jericho is nixed in Chapter Six.
7. Text Questions Defeat at Ai and Achan will not be livin' in Chapter Seven.
8. Text Questions Ai dealt its fate in Chapter Eight.
9. Text Questions Gibeon and Israel entwine in Chapter Nine.
10. Text Questions Sun and moon will not end in Chapter Ten.
11. Text Questions Hazor is riven in Chapter Eleven.
12. Text Questions Of defeated kings retell in chapter Twelve.
13. Text Questions Balaam is purged in Chapter Thirteen.
14. Text Questions Caleb feels like forty in Chapter Fourteen.
15. Text Questions Judah receives its gift in Chapter Fifteen.
16. Text Questions Ephraim is fixed in Chapter Sixteen.
17. Text Questions Manasseh given haven in Chapter Seventeen.
18. Text Questions Benjamin gets a stake in Chapter Eighteen.
19. Text Questions The remaining tribes receive land in kind in Chapter Nineteen.
20. Text Questions Six cities of refuge will be plenty in Chapter Twenty.
21. Text Questions Forty-Eight cities for Levi's sons in Chapter Twenty-One.
22. Text Questions Sending home tribes one-half and two in Chapter Twenty-Two.
23. Text Questions Joshua's words heed in Chapter Twenty-Three.
24. Text Questions Joshua no more in Chapter Twenty-Four.

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