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"Miracle Scott",, New Life Seventh-Day Adventist Church of Warner Robins, Georgia, "I would just like to say that our bible bowl team really appreciates your site. We are studying the book of Luke right now and your questions have really prepared me and helped me out a lot. I thank the Lord for you all taking the time to post your material on the web. Our team is really benefiting from this. May God continue to bless you all as you are studying for your Bible Bowl!!!

Tammie,, Baptist, "Thank you. i found this sight very helpful. i have a friend who is a johovah's
witness and we have been debating for weeks. these verses will help me."

Allan Svensson,, Sweden, "You have an interesting Website and I wish you God's peace and blessing through Jesus Christ."

Richard and Carol (Boling) Short,, Centerville Rd, Garland, TX (preacher Ken Hope), "Wanted to thank all of you that work on this site, for the time you have put into posting the Good News. Ricky & I use the site for our Bible studies at home and look forward to more lessons. We just married Sept 2003 ~ I was a member at Alkire Rd and grew up in the Gates St & Williams Rd congregations in the 60s and 70s. I am a good friend (mom :) of Becky S. May God bless all of you and your work for the Lord. I will miss seeing the adults at Gahanna lose to the adults at Alkire Rd at the Bible Bowl each year *grin* 'GO ALKIRE' :)"

Jeff Shorter,, Chapel Glen Church of Christ, Indianapolis, Indiana.  Found by using the dogpile search engine.

Angela Mckay,, United Brethen in Christ, by search engine. "I typed a search for God's Love toward us... Thank you for the input. I praise our Lord. His word is not void and will bring a fruitful return to his kingdom. To Christ be all glory forever!! Be strengthened in the power of our Lord to do his work. Love in Christ to you brothers and sisters in Ohio."

Miriam Osei,, African Christian Church, by asking Jeeves for proverbs regarding good and evil-On the net. "I Find this site very helpful and also interesting, a good help for young Christians and also insightful. God bless you all and continue to help you keep up the Great work!"

Dave Ashley,, found us by a link from a bible web site. "I enjoy it."

Ronel U. Savellano,, Aparri Church of Christ through a friend.

Dennis Mastin,, St. Louis Family Church, found by searching for Galations 2:20. "I got a nail, symbolic of the cross with Gal 2:20 stamped on the back of it. My 8 year old daughter found it and looked the verse up in the Bible and came into the room and read it to me. Then she gave me the nail and it gives me strength knowing the commitment and promise I keep with God. I made a commitment to grow my faith like Paul describes in Gal. 2:20. I will not stop........thank you Jesus!"

Shaketa Samson,, John the Baptist Church, Barnett, MS by surfing.

Roman M Wanasen,, found us on a Web directory. "Thank you for your website, I enjoy it very much. May the Lord bless you more in your effort to serve Him and His people. Keep up the Good work and SEE YOU ALL IN HEAVEN!"

Doug Curry,, Caney Church of Christ, Delbarton, WV. Found by searching for Church of Christ sites. "This is a very good site.  I am enjoying the sermon outlines, I am putting some of them to use.  I Thank you very much for all the information you have made available. Good Job!!!"

Chandra Sekhar T.J.,, Narasaao pet Guntur (DT) A.P South India by Bro' Keith G Ball, "I feel very happy to know about your church.  It helps me to Spread the Gospel in India.  Thank you. "

Deus Gunza, Referred by a friend. "Good Site.".

Kimberly Simons,, Alkire Rd Church of Christ, Ohio by a friend.

Gloria Talley, gloria, Rocky Point Church of Christ Belfast, TN (near Lewisburg, TN) by searching for Churches of Christ, "Thanks for the study information on John !!!!"

Billy Ford,, Elkhorn City Church of Christ by looking through Sermon Central File, "I want sermons that teach the truth, and that I will not have to change the doctrine to use in my sermon preparation."

Bob Noland,, Steele Ave COC, Ashland, Ohio, visited with Andy and Clark, "I found you to be a very friendly congregation who made me feel very welcome the first time I visited."

Ed Yates,, Hwy 5 Church of Christ, Mountain View, AR 72560.

Jacqueline Nason,, worldwidechristiancenter, 2614 Germantown Street, Dayton, Ohio, by a link from

Tracy, Russell & Kevin Kline,, Madisonville Church of Christ, "I love your site!! It is put together very well. Keep up the good work and we love you all!!!!".

Willam C. Chilton,, Bybee Branch Church of Christ, McMinnville TN, "Very good site. We are coming to Dayton Ohio next year."

Danette Richardson, School Avenue Church Of Christ, Mountain View, Arkansas, by a link from the Delaware Ohio Church of Christ website.

Richard Melson, Webster Street Church of Christ, Dayton Ohio.

Dave Hammer,, Sparta Church of Christ, Sparta, Illinois, by surfing the web.

Marcus D. Rhaney & Family, Northside Church of Christ, Tampa, Florida, "Greetings in Christ Jesus from the Northside Church of Christ, Brother Eric Doss Minister."

Wilburta Arrowood,, Liberty Church of Christ, Liberty, MO, by looking for Churches of Christ on the Web, "I have been "touring" CoC sites for some time, and I have enjoyed yours a lot. I, too have a site at with lots of sites of interest to the brethren and would like to invite everyone to come by and check it out. It is my goal to have the site bless all who visit. In Him, Wilburta Arrowood"

Linda Sharpley,, North Main Church of Christ, Malvern, AR, by searching for Churches of Christ, "I am understanding more about Revelation through your study, Thank You."

C Assandra, Rager Road Church of Christ.

Katta Edukondalu,, "I am doing the lords work in India, please pray for us."

Larry Miles,, Iroquois Church of Christ, Louisville, Kentucky, "Site looks good."

Charles Funk,, Jenks Avenue, Panama City, Florida by search-engine.

Janet Antill,, 6th & Washington Streets Church of Christ

Shirley Reynolds,, New Carlisle Church of Christ New Carlisle, Ohio by E-mail.

Terry R. Townsend,, Erwin Church of Christ, by linking from  "Keep up the good work!"

Adam Andrews,, Black Creek church of Christ, Birmingham, Alabama by searching Yahoo for Sermon Outlines.

Charles A. Grigsby, Lover's Lane Church of Christ, Steubenville, Ohio, through Joe Rose and Lisa Bell.  "Very very good site.  Keep up the good work in His kingdom."

Glenn Newell,, Clinton Church of Christ, via search.  "I have been given the job of establishing a web page for our congregation. Enjoyed looking at yours. Well made and designed. Gave me something to think about. From some of the comments in the postings I know I will visit if I'm ever in your area. Keep up the good work."

Joe Rose,, Lovers Lane Church of Christ in Steubenville.  " I really enjoyed my visit to your congregation last night.  This has to be the most friendly congregation anywhere! I will be back soon! Keep up the good work!!"

Matt Rodgers,, Hebron Lane Church of Christ, Shephardsville, KY, via search.  "Born in Gahanna"

Margaret Scarborough,, AME.

Doug, Kathy, and Mark Reeder, Belpre, Ohio.  " We enjoyed being with you at services Wednesday night.  We really felt welcome.  Ralph did a great job teaching the class on the Revelation. May God continue to bless your work and the congregation at Gahanna-Jefferson.

Jeremy Cielocha,, by just looking.  "This is a cool site."

Mark Gibson,, via search.  "Hi.  I really like this site."

Kent Clark,, West End Church of Christ, by surfing the net for study sites.  "Like What I see."

Ratnam P.V.,, Rayudupakalu. INDIA.  "Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ."

Jerry Boyer,, Cleveland, OH.  " I have enjoyed another visit!  I do appreciate your ministry!  May you continue to be blessed as you minister for Him in His Kingdom!"

Maricor D. Talaver,,, Downtown Chruch of Christ, Cebu City, Philippines, through another church website.  "Your web is very helpful to non Christians and to new Christians for their spiritual growth.  May God bless your ministry."

Grayce Smith,, 6th & Washington-Marietta, Ohio 45750, via "Your wonderful mother-in-law. The best Christian I know."  (see entry below)

Dorothy Wilkinson, Sixth and Washington Sts., Marietta, Ohio.  "Beautiful page---keep up the good work!!!!!!"

Jane Eldridge,, Ephrata First Presbyterian Church, Ephrata, WA via Zach Van Tassel's mother-in-law (see entry above).  "Keep up the great job of spreading The Word!"

Alan Bastin,, Oldham Woods Church of Christ (LaGrange, Kentucky).

Hemat Sibuea,, Seventh Day Adventist Church via search.  "I want to get deep much more about Bible Doctrine. I need also Sermon Outlines.  Thank you very much. May God abundantly bless you."

Andrew Chris Eubanks,, Oak Church of Christ via Ralph Price.  "You have a very good web site and I look forward to exploration into it.  Congratulations Jennifer!  Thanks, Chris"

Robert (Bob) S. McNees,, Alum Creek Church (a Church of Christ meeting at the Alum Creek Elementary School, off South Old State Road) via a Gahanna-Jefferson bulletin.  "Your web site is very well designed.  Hello to everyone at G-J COC."

Debra A. Jones,, Lakeside Church of Christ by looking on the net for Christian quotes.

Tracy Edmonson,, Plainview Church of Christ, Hazel Green, AL (just north of Huntsville) by looking for biblical quotes.

Vikki Ulmer,, by searching for Biblical Quotes.  "Am having kind of a rough time, single mother treated for cancer.  Trying to make things better for my 10 year old girl.  Starting a new job at home on the computer.  Trying to build my faith and make this a Christian home.  Any help would be appreciated.  Yes, I have been saved."

Joe Rose, Lovers Lane Church of Christ in Steubenville, Ohio via Lisa Bell.  "You have a nice site."


Hazel Freeman,, Liberty Church of Christ--Liberty, TX by surfing the net looking for bible quotes for class tonight.  "A very good site.  I have bookmarked it for the study aids.  I will refer others to it.  Thanks for the great work."

Heath Johnson,, Trenton Church of Christ through a Church of Christ directory.  "Hi"

Kim Gilliam-Wyrick, Christopher, Jonathan, Isaac and William,, Vineyard of Columbus, via Diane and Rob Grant.  "Tell Kim I said Hi."

William Venrick,, Lancaster (OHIO) Church of Christ by linking in from Charles Burke's web page in Sedona, Arizona.  "I am the web editor for our church:  Yours is a very fine web page resource, keep us the excellent work. If the press was a responsible tool for us, and I believe it was and is -- think how much more the Internet "press" is--we cannot ignore such a responsibility and avenue of communication!

Ken Kirchhevel,, via search for biblical calendar.  "I am a lover of the Holy Bible."

Larry Miles,, Iroquois Church  of Christ-Louisville, KY via e-mail.

Jerry Boyer,, via a directory.  "Christian Greetings!  I decided to see what the churches of Christ are 'offering' on the net.  I have enjoyed my visit. I have 'marked' for returns. I enjoy reviewing what is offered.  I have great respect for my 'spiritual siblings' who are laboring for Him in the churches of Christ.  Together...EXALTING HIM!"

Michael Bass,, Alkire Road church of Christ via Good News for YOUth paper!  "Great Job :)  I really like it!"

Diane K Jewell, Gahanna-Jefferson church of Christ.  "You have done a great job with this website.  Thank you for all of your efforts."

Lauren Ritch,, muirs chapel united methodist church, by looking for inspirational bible quotes for a friend.  "It's great that you try to teach people about the Bible, it's good that they can come here and know they aren't pressured in any way to give themselves to Christ, you know that is what they really want!"

Norm and Dorothy Wilkinson,, Sixth and Washington Streets Church of Christ, Marietta, Ohio claiming that, "Some little birds mentioned you to us."  "Keep up the good work!  We love you!"

Connie Spencer, "The website is looking AWESOME!!!!!! Great job!"

Mark C. Bellamy,, Delaware Church of Christ by searching church of Christ directories.  "This is a really nice web site. I am glad to see that a church so small can do great things. This is the best church website I've ever seen.  I am a sophomore Bible major at Ohio Valley College.  I will write to you soon! God bless!"

Kristen Rae Orr by searching for information on the net for an "abstract word" essay.  "God Bless You"

Chris J. Coats,, Covington Church of Christ, Covington, TN via Search Engine.

Joe Koors,, New Albany via Joel & Justin.  "Uh.... Good Job! I really like it!"

James T. Jones,, New Jerusalem Church of God in Christ by searching the web.  "May God bless your web site to grow as God rains upon you."

Rick Lawson,, Yorkville Church of Christ. "Great site!  Thanks for all the hard work, it definitely furthers the cause of Christ.  Preach the Word, Ralph!"

Dei Faulkner,, Circleville Church of Christ.

Joe Helm,, St. Mary's.

Dave Malkin, on March 20th, 2000.

Ralph Price, Gahanna Jefferson Church of Christ. "Doesn't everyone know about this site?  Cool!  You'll have to tell me how you got this to work."

Zachary A. Van Tassel,, Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ on March 17th, 2000.  "I'm involved in publishing this site, and here goes the first guest book entry."

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