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Online bible listening at Audio Bible allows you to hear the bible and read along.  Listen to Alexander Scourby pronounce all those difficult words with ease.


The online bible at HTMLBible is a great way to study because all the cross-references are just a click away.  Sites that quote the bible can link directly to individual verses.  We use this capability in our mission, presenting God's plan of salvation, sermon outlines and almost all pages throughout our site so that you can see what the bible says, not just what we say (God's Word is the religious authority).  Audio and HTML bible are both used in our daily reading charts.


Would you rather search for a particular topic instead of trying to find a word in the text?  Try the Naves Topical Bible and search online.


We link to these study tools, but implore you to compare what you see, especially at their links, to the Bible itself.
Remember, God's Word is the authority.  Any teaching you find in opposition to scripture is wrong.

Online Bible - Audio

Search, listen to and read the King James, narrated by Alexander Scourby.
Online Bible with Audio


Online Bible - HTML

Search and study HTML hyperlinked text.

King James hosted here!   No Frames

King James


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King James Large Print


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King James with Strong's Dictionary


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American Standard hosted here!   No Frames

American Standard


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Also available at  Speaking and Microsoft Access Bibles


Naves Topical Bible

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions excerpted from "What The Bible Says About..."


Can I use wildcards?

Everything sent to the search engine gets an implicit wildcard on the front and back. That means that a search for "love" will find Beloved, Beloved Disciple, Love, Lovefeasts, Lovers, and Steadfast Love.


I can't find an article on _____. Any hints?

The search works by checking every article's title for the exact word or phrase you typed. If you can't find something you think should be covered, try searching on variations of the word or phrase.


Where does the material in WBSA come from?

WBSA is a revision of the classic reference work, Nave's Topical Bible, which was written in the later part of the 19th century by Dr. Orville Nave. The original Nave's was revised and expanded by James Swanson; the resulting New Nave's Topical Bible is Copyright 1997 Logos Research Systems, Inc.

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