Genesis - Chapter 44 Questions

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1. (vs. 1) Put every man's money in his ...

A. Sack's mouth
B. Camel's furniture A
C. Sack

2. (vs. 2) What did Joseph command the steward to put
in the sack's mouth of the youngest?

A. Double portion of food
B. Gold cup B
C. Silver cup

3. (vs. 3) The men were sent away, ...

A. They and their asses
B. They and their donkeys A
C. They and their camels

4. (vs. 4) And when they were gone out of...

A. The country
B. The town C
C. The city

5. (vs. 5) "Is not this it in which......

A. My master drinketh"
B. My lord drinketh" B
C. Pharoah drinketh"

6. (vs. 7) They replied to the steward...

A. "Wherefore saith my lord these words?
B. "God forbid that thy servants should do C
according to this thing:"
C. Both A and B

7. (vs. 8) We brought again unto thee...

A. Out of the land of Canaan
B. Out of the land of our fathers A
C. Out of the land of Israel

8. (vs. 9) "With whomsoever of thy servant it be
found, both let him die, and we also will be ....

A. My lord's servants"
B. My lord's bondmen" B
C. My lord's brothers"

9. (vs. 10) And the steward said,....

A. Now also let it be according to your words
B. Now also let it be according to your God A
C. Now also let it be as you said

10. (vs. 12) The cup was found

A. In Judah's sack
B. In Benjamin's sack B
C. In Jacob's sack

11. (vs. 13) Then they....

A. They rent their clothes
B. They cried out to their God A
C. Both A and B

12. (vs. 14) Who went to Joseph's house?

A. Reuben and his brethren
B. Benjamin and his brethren C
C. Judah and his brethren

13. (vs. 15) And Joseph said unto them,...

A. What deed is this that ye have done?
B. What have you done with my silver cup? A
C. Ye have done evil in so doing.

14. (vs. 16) Who said, "What shall we say unto my
lord? What shall we speak? or how shall we
clear ourselves?

A. Benjamin
B. Judah B
C. Reuben

15. (vs. 17) Joseph was to make the one who was found
to have the cup....

A. His steward
B. His slave C
C. His servant

16. (vs. 18) Then Judah came near unto him, and said...

A. For thou art even as a god
B. For thou art even as Potiphar C
C. For thou art even as Pharoah

17. (vs. 22) And we said unto my lord, The lad cannot
leave his father: for if he should leave his father...

A. His father would die
B. His father would go down into the grave A
C. His father would slay Reuben's two sons

18. (vs. 25) And our father said,...

A. Go again, and buy us corn
B. Go again, and buy us a little food B
C. Go again, and return the money

19. (vs. 27) And thy servant my father said unto us,...

A. Ye know that my wife bare me two sons
B. Ye know that my wife bare me twelve sons A
C. Ye know that my wife bare me many sons

20. (vs. 34) I see the evil that shall come...

A. On my sons
B. On Benjamin C
C. On my father







Q?.  A (c:v)





Q?.  B(c:v)





Q?.  C(c:v)






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