Genesis - Chapter 43 Questions

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1. When Jacob’s family had eaten up the corn, what did their father say? (V. 2) B
a. Go again, buy us some barley.
b. Go again, buy us a little food.
c. Go again, buy us a little corn.

2. How did Judah reply to his father? (V. 4) A
a. If thou wilt send our brother with us, we will go.
b. If thou wilt pay a ransom for Simeon, we will go.
c. If thou wilt journey with us, we will go.

3. Why was Israel upset? (V. 6) B
a. He didn’t want to go to Egypt.
b. The brothers had told the man they had another brother.
c. He was tired of dealing with his ten sons.

4. Why had the brothers revealed that they had another brother? (V. 7) C
a. They were afraid.
b. They had no secrets.
c. The man asked them straitly if they had another brother.

5. What did Judah say to his father? (V. 8) A
a. Send the lad with me ... that we may live, and not die
b. Give me Benjamin that we may go and buy grain
c. Send the boy with me and we will go down to Egypt

6. Who was to be the surety for Benjamin? (V. 9) B
a. Levi
b. Judah
c. Reuben

7. What present did Israel tell them to take to the man? (V. 11) C
a. the firstfruits
b. the best flocks
c. balm, honey, spices, myrrh, nuts and almonds

8. What were they to take in their hand? (V. 12) C
a. double money
b. triple money
c. double money and the money that was in the month of their sacks

9. Which statement is true? (V. 13) A
a. They took their brother with them.
b. They took their brother and Israel with them.
c. They did not take their brother with them.

10. When Israel sent them off, he hoped God Almighty would give them: (V. 14) B
a. peace
b. mercy
c. grace ... before the man

11. When Joseph saw Benjamin, what did he decide to do? (V. 16 C
a. put Benjamin in ward so he could not go home
b. put the nine other brothers in ward for what they had done to hin
c. had his servant make preparations for them to all dine with him

12. Why were the men (brothers) afraid? (V. 18) A
a. because they were brought into Joseph’s house
b. because their father would not want them to eat with an Egyptian
c. because Joseph might keep Benjamin

13. Why did they think Joseph might keep them for bondmen? (V. 18) B
a. because they were Hebrews
b. because of the money that was returned in their sacks
c. because Joseph thought they were spies

14. To whom did the brothers give an explanation concerning the money they found in their sacks ? (V. 19-22) A
a. steward of Joseph’s house
b. Joseph
c. ruler of his house

15. Whom did they say had put the money in their sacks? ( V. 22) C
a. Joseph
b. captain of the guard
c. They could not tell

16. To whom did the steward attribute the money in their sacks? (V. 23) B
a. Israel
b. your God and the God of your father
C. Joseph

17. Whom did the steward bring out to them? (V. 23) B
a. Joseph
b. Simeon
C. Judah

18. After bringing them into Joseph’s house, what two things did he give? (V. 24) B
a. food for them and water for their asses
b. water for them and provender for their asses
c. food for them and their asses

19. When Joseph came home, what two things did they do? (V. 26) A
a. brought the present and bowed themselves
b. brought the present and thanked him for releasing Simeon
c. thanked him and bowed to the earth

20. Whom did Joseph ask first? (V. 27) A
a. them
b. their father
c. their youngest brother

21. What did the brothers respond to his question about their father? (V.28) B
a. He is old and bereaved.
b. He is in good health and yet alive.
c. H is mourning the loss of his sons.

22. What did the brothers do after this response? (V. 28) C
a. They became afraid and wept.
b. They told of their love for their father.
c. They bowed their head and made obeisance.

23. What statement did Joseph make to Benjamin at this time? (V. 29) A
a. God be gracious unto thee, my son.
b. God has spared you from your brother.
c. God have mercy on your soul.

24. After this, what did Joseph do? (V. 30) C
a. He revealed his identity to them.
b. He cursed them.
c. He entered his chamber and wept.

25. Why didn’t Joseph eat with his brothers? (V. 32) C
a. He was angry with them for what they had done to him.
b. He didn’t want them to see him cry.
c. It was an abomination for Egyptians to eat with Hebrews.

26. In what order did the brothers sit before Joseph? (33) A
a. firstborn to youngest
b. youngest to firstborn
c. no special order

27. Who received more “messes” than the other brothers? (V.34) C
a. Simeon
b. Judah
c. Benjamin
28. How many times greater was his “mess”? (V. 34) B
a. 3
b. 5
c. 7







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