Genesis - Chapter 45 Questions

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Q1.  What could Joseph not do before all who stood by him? (v.1)

Restrain himself.

Refrain himself.

Collect himself.


Q2.  What did the Egyptians and the house of Pharaoh hear? (v.2)

That Joseph wept aloud.

That Joseph wept exceedingly bitter tears.

That Joseph yelled with all his might.


Q3.  What reactions did the brethren have to Joseph’s admission that he was their brother? (v.3)

They were sore afraid and bowed their faces to the ground.

They were so frightened that they turned and ran away.

They could not answer him for they were troubled at his presence.


Q4.  Joseph said that he was their brother whom they had sold: (v.4)

Into Egypt.

Unto the Midianites.

Unto the Ishmaelites.


Q5.  Joseph told his brothers not to be grieved nor angry with themselves because: (v.5)

All things work together for good to them that love God.

God did send me before you to preserve life.

I was sent here and raised up for this time in Israel.


Q6.  Joseph said that two years of the famine had passed and that there were yet five years in which there would be neither: (v.6)

Earing or harvest.

Plowing or harvest.

Planting or harvest.


Q7.  Joseph said that God had sent him before them to preserve you a posterity in the earth, and to save your lives by: (v.7)

A famine control project.

A mighty deliverance of corn and grain.

A great deliverance.


Q8.  Into what did Joseph say that God had made him? (v.8)

A brother to Pharaoh, lord of all of his house, and a power throughout the land of Egypt.

A father to Pharaoh, and lord of all his house, and a ruler throughout all the land of Egypt.

A father to Pharaoh, and a ruler of all his house.


Q9.  True or False: Joseph wanted his brothers to have a leisurely trip home and to tell his father to come to Egypt when he got around to it. (v.9)




Q10.  What was NOT SPECIFICALLY mentioned as a future occupant of Goshen? (v.10)

Thy wives.

Thy children.

Thy children’s children.


Q11.  What did Joseph say he would do to make sure that his father’s house would not come to poverty? (v.11)

Give them corn and wine.

Let them enjoy the fat of the earth and the dew of heaven.

Nourish them.


Q12.  All the brethren were kissed and wept upon, but which one is specifically mentioned by name? (v.12-15)





Q13.  In verse 16, what is NOW heard in Pharaoh’s house? (v.16)

Loud weeping.

Ceramics being shattered as they are thrown.

The fame thereof.


Q14.  True or False: Pharaoh was jealous of Joseph’s brothers and the fact that he still loved his father, so he told them to lade and beasts and get back to Canaan where they belonged. (v.16-17)




Q15.  Pharaoh told the brethren that their father and their households would eat of what? (v.18)

The fat of the land.

The fat of the earth.

Every good thing in Egypt.


Q16.  For what did Pharaoh give the brothers wagons? (v.19)

For the flocks and herds.

For all their stuff.

For your little ones, and your wives.


Q17.  What were the brothers not supposed to regard? (v.20)

Their “stuff”.

Their discomfort for a season.

Even their own lives.


Q18.  Who gave the wagons to the children of Israel? (v.21)





Q19.  How many changes of raiment and pieces of silver did Joseph give to Benjamin? (v.22)

300 pieces of silver and 5 changes of raiment.

30 pieces of silver and 3 changes of raiment.

20 pieces of silver and 2 changes of raiment.


Q20.  What is the total number of asses sent to Jacob? (v.23)





Q21.  What advice did Joseph give to his brothers about going home? (v.24)

Walk the strait and narrow way only.

Do not turn to the right hand or to the left hand.

See that ye fall not out by the way.


Q22.  What was Jacob’s reaction when the brethren told him that Joseph was yet alive and that he was the governor over all the land of Egypt? (v.26)

He gave an exceedingly loud and bitter cry.

His heart fainted, for he believed them not.

He went out into the field and wept aloud.


Q23.  What revived the spirit of Jacob after his sons told him all the words of Joseph? (v.27)

He saw the changes of raiment which had been given to them.

He saw the silver that that been given to Benjamin.

He saw the wagons which Joseph had sent to carry him.

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