Genesis - Chapter 40 Questions

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C. 1. Who offended the king of Egypt?
A. the butler and finance minister
B. the baker and candle maker
C. the butler and baker

B 2. At what place were the chief of the butlers and the chief of the bakers put “in ward”? v3
A. in the house of Potiphar
B. in the house of the captain of the guard
C. in Pharaoh’s dungeon

B 3. Who was charged to serve them?
A. the captain of the guard
B. Joseph
C. captain of the army

C 4. How long did they continue in ward before their dreams?
A. a fortnight
B. betimes
C. a season

A 5. Which is true of both the butler and the baker? Each dreamed a dream:
A. in one night
B. the same dream for seven nights
C. the same dream for two nights

C 6. Which word describes the men when Joseph came in the next morning?
A. perplexed
B. worried
C. sad

A 7. Why were they sad?
A. There was no interpreter for the dreams.
B. They were afraid of the dreams.
C. The dreams were about their deaths.

A 8. To whom did Joseph say interpretations belong?
A. God
B. chief magicians
C. the wise men

A 9. Who dreamed about a vine?
A. the chief butler
B. the chief baker
C. Joseph

C 10. Which best describes the chief butler’s vine?
A. three branches, leaves came out, brought forth no grapes
B. two branches, budded, blossoms shot forth, ripe grapes
C. three branches, budded, blossoms shot forth, ripe grapes

B 11. What did the chief butler do with the grapes?
A. pressed them into a cup and gave them to the king of Syria
B. pressed them into Pharaoh’s cup and gave it to him
C. pressed them into a cup and drank it himself

C 12. For what did the three branches stand?
A. three kings that would oppress Egypt
B. three years
C. three days

B 13. What was going to happen within three days?
A. a famine would start
B. Pharaoh would restore him as butler in his house
C. Pharaoh would have him executed

A 14. What did Joseph ask of the chief butler?
A. Make mention of me unto Pharaoh.
B. Bring food every day.
C. Tell no one who had interpreted his dream.

C 15. From where did Joseph say he had been stolen?
A. land of Canaan
B. land of promise
C. land of the Hebrews

B 16. In his dream what did the chief baker have on his head?
A. three woven baskets
B. three white baskets
C. three wicker baskets

C 17. What was in the uppermost basket?
A. pastries
B. breads
C. bakemeats

B 18. What happened to these bakemeats?
A. They rotted.
B. The birds ate them.
C. They spilled on the ground.

B 19. What did the three baskets stand for in his dream?
A. three years
B. three days
C. three birds

C 20. What was going to happen to the chief baker within three days?
A. Pharaoh would restore him as baker in his house.
B. Seven years of famine would start.
C. Pharaoh would hang him and the birds would eat his flesh.

B 21. Why was the third day important?
A. The chief butler was hung.
B. It was Pharaoh’s birthday.
C. It was Nile Day.

A 22. True or false: The chief butler was restored to his butlership.
A. true
B. false

C 23. Which is true of the chief butler?
A. He did not remember Joseph.
B. He forgot Joseph.
C. both A and B are true.







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