Genesis - Chapter 39 Questions

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1. (vs. 1) Potiphar an officer of Pharaoh was?
A. General of the guard
B. Captain of the guard B
C. Servant of the guard

2. (vs. 1) Potiphar bought Joseph from the hands
of the ...
A. Egyptians
B. Midianites C
C. Ishmeelites

3. (vs. 2) And the Lord was with...
A. Potiphar
B. Joseph B
C. Pharaoh

4. (vs. 3) The Lord made all that Joseph did to...
A. Prosper
B. Increase A
C. Both A and B

5. (vs. 5) The blessing of the Lord was upon all
that the Egyptian had in...
A. in the house
B. in the field C
C. both A and B

6. (vs. 4) All that Potiphar had he put into Joseph's...
A. care
B. hand B
C. house

7. (vs. 6) And Joseph was a goodly...
A. Man
B. Hebrew C
C. Person

8. (vs. 7) Joseph's master's wife cast...
A. her eyes upon Joseph
B. her cloak upon Joseph A
C. her garment upon Joseph

9. (vs. 8) But Joseph...
A. ran away
B. refused B
C. told his master

10. (vs. 9) How then can I do this great wickedness
and sin against...
A. Potiphar
B. My father C
C. God

ll. (vs. 10) And it came to pass, as she spake to
A. Day by Day
B. Week by Week A
C. Hour by Hour

12. (vs. 11) What did Joseph go into the house to do?
A. His accounts
B. His business B
C. Counting Potiphar's money

13. (vs. 12) What did Potiphar's wife catch Joseph by?
A. His hand
B. His cloak C
C. His garment

14. (vs. 13) Where had he left his garment?
A. Her hand
B. On the chair A
C. On the floor

15. (vs. 14) What did Potiphar's wife call Joseph?
A. A Jew
B. An Hebrew B
C. An Israelite

16. (vs. 15) Potiphar's wife told the men of her
house that...
A. Joseph left his garment with me
B. Joseph left his cloak with me A
C. Joseph left his sandals with me

17. She laid up his garment, where?
A. On the couch
B. On the chair C
C. By her
18. (vs. 17) The Hebrew servant, which thou hast
brought unto us...
A. Came in to deal lightly with me
B. Came in unto me to mock me B
C. Came in to steal the household idols

19. (vs. 18) And it came to pass, as I...
A. Lifted up my hand and said stop
B. Lifted up my voice and screamed C
C. Lifted up my voice and cried

20. (vs. 19) Who's wrath was kindled?
A. Joseph's master
B. Potiphar A
C. Joseph

21. (vs. 20) Where did Joseph's master take him?
A. Back to the land of his father
B. The prison house C
C. A place where the king's prisoners were bound

22. (vs. 21) But the Lord was with...
A. Joseph
B. Potiphar A
C. Potiphar's wife

23. (vs. 22) Joseph was put in charge of whom?
A. All the prisoners that were in the prison
B. His brothers A
C. The keeper of the prison

24. (vs. 23) The Lord was with him and that which he
did, the Lord...
A. Made it to prosper in his hand
B. Made it to prosper B
C. Made it to increase








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