Genesis Chapter 17 Outline

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17 - God's covenant renewed to Abram,
Circumcision, Names changed.

I. God's covenant renewed to Abram - v.1-8

A. When Abram was 90 and nine years old the Lord appeared to him - v.1

1. I am the Almighty

a. Walk before me
b. Be perfect

2. I will make my covenant

a. Between Me and you
b. I will multiply thee exceedingly
c. You will be a father of many nations

3. No longer shall your name be called Abram

a. Your name shall be Abraham
b. I have made you a father of many nations
c. Kings shall come from you

B. The covenant is also with your seed - v.7

1. An everlasting covenant

2. I will be your and their God

3. I will give you and your seed

a. The land in which you are a stranger
b. All the land of Canaan
c. An everlasting possession

II. Covenant of Circumcision - v.9-14

A. You shall keep - v.9

1. Between Me and you and your seed after you

2. Every man child shall be circumcised

a. When he is eight days old
b. He who is born in your house or bought with money
c. An everlasting covenant

B. The uncircumcised man child shall be cut off from his people - v.14

1. He has broken My covenant

III. Sarai's name is changed - v.15-16

A. Sarah shall be her name - v.15

B. I will bless her and give you a son of her - v.16

1. She shall be the mother of nations

2. Kings of people shall be of her

IV. God's promise concerning Isaac and Ishmael - v.17-22

A. Abraham fell on his face and laughed in his heart at Sarah's blessing - v.17

1. He was 100 years old

2. Sarah was 90 years old

B. Abraham wanted Ishmael to live before God - v.18

1. Sarah will bear you a son at this set time in the next year

2. Call his name Isaac

3. I will establish an everlasting covenant with him and his seed

C. As for Ishmael, I have heard you - v.20

1. I have blessed him

2. I will make him fruitful

3. I will multiply him exceedingly

4. He shall beget 12 princes

5. I will make him a great nation

D. God went up from Abraham - v.22

V. Abraham circumcised all the males in his house - v.23-27

A. Abraham did as God had said unto him the self same day - v.23

1. Abraham was 99 when he was circumcised

2. Ishmael was 13 when he was circumcised

3. All the men both born and bought from the stranger


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