Genesis Chapter 12 Outline

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12 - Abram's Call and Journey to Egypt.


I. The Call.

A. Get thee out of thy country.

B. From thy kindred and family.

C. Unto a land I will show thee.

II. The Promise.

A. I will make of thee a great nation.

B. I will bless thee.

1. I will bless them that bless thee.

2. I will curse them that curse thee.

3. In thee will all of the families be blesses.

C. I will make of thee a great nation.

III. The Obedience.

A. So Abram departed.

1. Lot went with him.

2. He was 75 years old.

3. Sarai his wife went with him.

4. They took all their substance and souls they had gathered in Haran.

B. They went to Canaan.

1. They came to Sichem on the plain of Moreh.

C. God told Abram unto thy seed I will give this land.

1. They built an altar.

D. They moved east of Bethal and built an altar.

III. Abram goes to Egypt.

A. There was a famine.

B. He asked Sarai to say she was his sister so he would not be killed.

C. The Egyptians thought she was very fair.

D. They commended her to Pharaoh and she was taken into his house.

E. Pharaoh treated Abram well .

F. The Lord plagued Pharaoh.

G. Pharaoh asked Abram, "What is this thou hast done?".

H. They sent Abram and Sarai away with all they had.

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