Genesis Chapter 10 Outline

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10 - Shem, Ham, and Japheth's descendants


I. The family of Japheth - v.1-5

A. Coastal people of the Gentiles.

B. Divided into lands, languages, families, nations.

C. Two of seven sons are especially named : Gomer and Javan.

II. The family of Ham - v.6-20

A. Cush is especially named as father of Nimrod.

1. A mighty man.

2. A mighty hunter.

3. Founded 4 cities in Shinar.

4. Founded 5 cities in Assyria.

B. Mizraim especially named as father of 7.

C. Casluhim is named as ancestor of Philistim.

III. The family of Shem - v.21-32

A. Father of 5 sons.

B. Especially named was Aram, the father of 4 sons.

C. Also especially named was Arphaxad, the father of Salah who begot Eber.

1. Eber had 2 sons.

(1). In the days of Peleg the earth was divided.
(2). Joktan, his brother, had 13 sons.

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