Genesis Chapter 9 Outline

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9 - God's covenant with Noah and his death.


I. Covenant - v.1-7

A. Responsibility to repopulate the earth.

B. Law concerning food and blood.

C. Fear and dread of Noah by every beast, fowl, and fish.

1. Every moving thing is food.

2. Not to eat flesh with blood in it.

3. Life = blood.

4. Life is protected.

D. Whoever sheds man's blood must be put to death.

1. Reason for death penalty is man is made in the image of God.

II. Covenant is established by God - v.8-17

A. God promises to never again to destroy the earth by flood.

B. The rainbow is given to be a token of the covenant and of the promise never to destroy the earth by a flood.

III. Noah's family sins - v.18-27

A. Noah became drunk.

B. Ham saw the nakedness of his father and told his brothers.

C. Shem and Japheth covered their father's nakedness.

D. The curse on Cannan.

1. Cannan will be a servant of servants.

E. Blessing for Shem.

1. Canaan will be his servant.

F. Blessing for Japheth.

1. God will enlarge him.

2. He will dwell in Shem's tents.

3. Canaan will be his servant.

IV. Noah's death - v.28-29

A. 350 years after the flood.

B. Total life = 950 years.

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