Genesis Chapter 8 Outline

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8 - The earth dries from the flood.


I. Waters assuaged for 150 days v.1-5.

A. God made a wind.

B. Fountains of the deep and the windows of Heaven were stopped.

C. Rain was restrained.

D. On the 17th day of the 7th month the ark rests on the Mountains of Ararat - v.1-5.

II. Tops of the mountains were seen on 1st day of the 10th month.


III. After 40 days Noah opened the window.

A. Noah's tests - v.6-12.

(1) Noah sent forth raven.

(2) Noah sent forth 1st dove, it found no rest & returned. 

(3) After 7 days Noah sent forth 2nd dove, it returned with olive leaf. 

(4) After 7 more days Noah sent forth 3rd dove, it returned not again.

(5) 601 year 1st month and 1st day Noah removed the covering.

B. On the 601 year 2nd month and 27th day Noah and all leave ark.

C. God commands them to multiply upon earth, after a stay in ark of one year & l0 days - v.13-19.

D. The Lord was pleased by Noah's sacrifice.

(1) Noah built an altar.

(2) He offered of every clean beast and fowl burnt offering.

E. God promised that seasons would continue as long as earth remains - v.20-22.

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