Genesis Chapter 7 Outline

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7 - The Flood.


I. The Lord commands Noah to enter ark & Noah did all the Lord commanded- v.1-11.

A. 7 pairs of clean and 2 pairs of unclean beasts and fowl and every thing. that creepeth on the earth to be taken in ark to keep the seed alive.

B. After 7 days rain fell 40 days and nights.

C. Age of Noah - 600 years, 2nd month, 17th day.

D. 8 humans & animals of all kind enter ark.

II. Flood comes- v.11-24

A. Fountains of the deep broken up and windows of heaven opened.

B. 15 cubits over the mountains.

C. All flesh on earth died.

D. Only sea animals and those in ark lived.

E. Water prevailed 150 days.

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