Major Events in John

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Here are some major events in John to help you remember what is happening in each chapter. 

  1. The Word
    John the Baptist bears witness of Jesus
    Andrew, Peter, Philip, Nathanael introduced
  2. Wedding at Cana
    Cleaning the temple
  3. Nicodemus
    Must be born again
    John must decrease but Christ increase
  4. Women at the well
    Healing the nobleman's son
  5. Christ heals lame man at pool of Bethesda
    Witnesses of Christ
  6. Jesus feeds 5000
    Walks on water
    Bread of life
  7. Jesus goes to the feast of tabernacles
    Officers don't arrest Christ because, "Never man spake like this man"
  8. Adulteress women
    Truth shall make free
  9. Jesus heals man blind from birth
    Pharisees question him
  10. I am the good shepherd
    Jesus taught in temple
  11. Jesus raises Lazarus
    Pharisees plot to kill Jesus
  12. Mary anoints Jesus
    He teaches the Word will judge us
  13. Jesus washes disciple's feet
    Judas is identified with a sop
    A new commandment
  14. Let not your hearts be troubled
    Answers for Thomas, Philip, Judas
  15. Vine and the Branches
    Promise of the Holy Spirit
  16. Christ tells of His death, the fate of the disciples; sending the Holy Spirit
  17. Christ's prayer on the night before He was betrayed
  18. Arrest of Jesus
    1st & 2nd Jewish and Roman trials
  19. Pilate questions Jesus and has Him crucified
    Jesus is buried
  20. Resurrection of Jesus
    Jesus appears to Mary and to disciples
  21. Jesus shows Himself at the sea of Tiberias, dines with disciples, tells Peter to "Feed my sheep"

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