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Journeys of Christ in the Gospel According to John

By Chapter.

Chapter 1 

Place: Bethabara beyond Jordan (v.28).
Event: John the Baptist is baptizing. He identifies the Son of God.

Chapter 2 

Place: Cana of Galilee.
Event: Marriage feast (v.1).

Place: Capernaum.
Event: Stayed not many days (v.12).

Place: Jerusalem (v.13).
Event: Passover at hand. Cleansed the temple.


Place: Judaea (v.22).
Event: Baptized.

Chapter 4 

Place: Samaria (on way to Galilee) (vv.3,4).
Event: Talks to woman at the well.

Place: Cana of Galilee (v.46).
Event: Heals nobleman's son who is at Capernaum. (Jesus did not go to Capernaum).

Chapter 5 

Place: Jerusalem
Event: Feast of the Jews.

Chapter 6 

Place: Over the Sea of Galilee and up into a mountain (vv.1,3).
Event: Feeds the five thousand.

Place: On the Sea of Galilee (v.19).
Event: Walked on the water.

Place: Capernaum (vv.24,25). In the synagogue (v.59).
Event: Jesus teaches the multitudes about the Bread of Life.

Chapter 7 

Place: Galilee (v.1).
Event: Sends disciples to Judaea for the feast of tabernacles.

Place: Judaea (v.10). In the temple (v.14).
Event: Teaches in the temple.

Chapter 8 

Place: The mount of Olives (v.1).
Event:  No event is mentioned.

Place:  The temple (Jerusalem)  (v.2).
Event: Scribes and Pharisees bring woman taken in adultery.

Chapter 9 

Place: Not stated specifically but must be Jerusalem because the pool of Siloam is mentioned (v.7).
Event: Heals blind man.

Chapter 10 

Place: Escapes to the place where John first baptized (v.40).
Event: Many believed on Him.

Chapter 11 

Place: Judaea (v.7). Specifically Bethany (v.1).
Event: Raises Lazarus from the dead.

Place: A country near to the wilderness a city called Ephraim (v.54).
Event: Continued with His disciples.

Chapter 12 

Place: Bethany (v.1).
Event: Mary anoints the feet of Jesus.

Place: Jerusalem (vv.12-19).
Event: Triumphal entry.

Chapter 18 

Place: Over the brook Cedron where was a garden (still Jerusalem) (v.1).
Event: Jesus is betrayed.

Place: Taken to Annas (brother-in-law of Caiphas) (v.13).
Event: Annas questions Jesus.

Place: Annas sends Christ bound to Caiphas (v.24).
Event: More questions.

Place: The hall of judgment before Pilate (v.28).
Event: Trial by Pilate.

Chapter 19 

Place: Golgotha (v.17).
Event: Jesus is crucified.

Place: A new sepulcher in a garden (v.41).
Event: Jesus is buried.

Appearances of the Resurrected Christ...

to Mary at the tomb (20:14).
to the Disciples without Thomas present (20:19).
to the Disciples eight days later with Thomas (20:26).
to disciples at the sea of Tiberius (21:1).

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