Genesis - Chapter 28 Questions

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Q1.  What charge did Isaac give to Jacob? (v.1)

Thou shalt not anger thy brother anymore.

Thou shalt not take a wife of the daughters of Canaan.

Thou shalt not bear false witness.


Q2.  To whose house was Jacob sent? (v.2)

His grandfather's.

His uncle's

Bethuel, his mother's father's.


Q3.  Isaac wanted God Almighty to bless Jacob and make him fruitful and make him multiply so that he could be __________? (v.3)

A multitude of people.

A great people.

As numerous as the stars in the sky.


Q4.  What land did Isaac want Jacob to inherit? (v.4)

The land wherein thou art a stranger.

The land which God gave unto Abraham.

Both A and B.


Q5.  Padanaram was the home of Bethuel the ________? (v.5)





Q6.  Who did Jacob obey? (v.7)

His Father and Mother.

His Father and the Lord God.

His Mother.


Q7.  What caused Esau to go to Ishmael and get another wife? (v.6-9)

He thought Ishmael’s family was wealthy, and he wanted to marry a rich wife.

He saw that the daughters of Heth made his mother weary.

He saw that the daughters of Canaan pleased not Isaac his father.


Q8.  Toward what city did Jacob go when he left Beersheba? (v.10)





Q9.  Which of the following statements is true about ‘the certain place’ where Jacob tarried all night? (v.11)

He lighted upon it, and used stones for his pillows.

He lighted upon it, and used the stones to build a wall of protection.

He lay down and slept until the sun had set.


Q10.  What were the angels of God doing on the ladder that reached up into heaven? (v.12)

Ascending and doing homage.

Ascending and descending on it.

Descending and ministering to Jacob.


Q11.  Who was standing at the top of the ladder? (v.13)

The Lord.

The Lord God of Abraham thy father, and the God of Isaac.

Both A and B.


Q12.  Which promise about Jacob’s seed did the Lord not make? (v.14)

Thy seed shall be as the dust of the earth.

In thee and in thy seed shall all the families of the earth be blessed.

Thy seed shall be as the sands of the sea and the stars of the sky.


Q13.  Who did Jacob say was in this place and he knew it not? (v.16)

The Lord.

The Lord God of Abraham my father’s father, and the God of Isaac my father.

Both A and B.


Q14.  What did Jacob NOT say about the place where he spent the night? (v.17)

How wondrous is this place!

This is none other than the house of God.

This is the gate of heaven.


Q15.  What did Jacob do with the stones that he had used for his pillows? (v.18)

Set them up for a pillar.

Poured oil upon the top of them.

We don’t know what happened to all the stones.


Q16.  What time did Jacob arise? (v.18)

Early in the morning.


When the sun had set.


Q17.  What did Jacob call the name of the ‘certain place’ where he had spent the night? (v.19)





Q18.  What was the city of Bethel called at the first? (v.19)





Q19.  What condition did Jacob NOT give for the Lord being his God? (v.20-21)

If God will give me wine to sustain me and mine.

If God will give me bread to eat.

If God will give me raiment to put on.


Q20.  What condition about his return did Jacob stipulate? (v.12)

That God would grant him more flocks and herds than Esau.

That Esau would die young so that he could come back soon.

That he should come again to his father’s house in peace.


Q21.  What portion would Jacob give to God if the Lord would meet his stipulations? (v.22)

An hundredfold.

Manifold hundreds.

A tenth of all that God will give him.

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