Genesis - Chapter 27 Questions

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Q1. From what health problem did Isaac suffer when he was old? (v.1)

Trembling of the limbs.


His eyes were dim, so that he could not see.


Q2.  When Isaac called Esau to him, what did he say he did not know? (v.2)

He did not know what the Lord would do for him.

He did not know the day of his death.

He did not know if he was going to heaven.


Q3.  What kind of weapons did Isaac tell Esau to take to the field to get him some venison? (v.3)

Quiver and bow.

Bow and arrows.

Quiver full of arrows and his bow.


Q4.  What kind of meat did Isaac tell Esau to make for him? (v.4)

Wild meat.


Savoury meat.


Q5.  Who overheard the request of Isaac? (v.5)





Q6.  Who did Rebekah tell what she overheard? (v.6)

Her daughter-in-laws, Judith and Bashemath.




Q7.  Isaac said that he wanted “my soul to bless thee before I die”, but how did Rebekah say that Isaac wanted to bless Esau? (v.7,4)

Before the Lord.

Before Abimelech and the Philistines.

Before all that live in tents.


Q8.  What did Rebekah say that Jacob should obey? (v.8)

Her command.

The command of the Lord.

Her voice according that that which she commanded.


Q9.  What did Rebekah say that Jacob should fetch? (v.9)

Two good kids of goats.

Two goats.

Two good lambs of sheep.


Q10.  Who did Rebekah want Isaac to bless? (v.10)


The Lord.



Q11.  What did Jacob say about his and Esau’s characteristics? (v.11)

Esau and I are both hairy.

Esau is a hairy man, and I am a smooth man.

I am a hairy man, and Esau is a smooth man.


Q12.  What was Jacob afraid would happen if he impersonated his brother? (v.12)

He would be cursed instead of blessed.

He would be cast out of his country and kindred.

Esau would make HIM into savoury meat.


Q13.  Who did Rebekah offer as the recipient of the curse? (v.13)





Q14.  Whose raiment (clothing) did Rebekah put upon Jacob? (v.15)





Q15.  What did Rebekah put on his hands and upon the smooth of his neck? (v.16)

skins from the lambs.

skins from old goats.

skins of the kids of the goats.


Q16.  What did Rebekah make in addition to the savoury meat? (v.17)





Q17.  Who did Jacob say that he was? (v.18)

I am Esau thy firstborn.

I am Jacob thy beloved son.

I am Esau, beloved of thy heart.


Q18.  What reason did Jacob give for finding the “venison” so quickly? (v.20)

I am a mighty hunter before the Lord.

The Lord answered my prayers.

The Lord thy God brought it to me.


Q19.  What three criteria did Isaac use to decide whether it was Esau or Jacob?(v.22-23,27)

Hairiness, voice, smell of the hair.

Hairiness, voice, smell of the raiment (clothing).

The feel of the head of hair and the taste of the meal.


Q20.  With what “blessings of the field” did Isaac bless Jacob? (v.28)

Dew of heaven, fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and barley.

Dew of heaven, fatness of the herd, and plenty of corn and wine.

Dew of heaven, the fatness of the earth, and plenty of corn and wine.


Q21.  Who was supposed to “bow down” to ‘Esau’? (v.29)

People and brethren.

Nations and thy mother’s sons.

People and nations.


Q22.  How long had Jacob been gone from Isaac when Esau came in from his hunting? (v.30)

He was yet scarce gone out.

He was gone for the space of three hours.

He was gone before even.


Q23.  How much did Isaac tremble when he realized that he had been tricked into giving the blessing to someone else? (v.33)

He trembled with great and wondrous shaking.

He trembled very exceedingly.

He trembled as the tree in the storm.


Q24.  What kind of cry did Esau give when he heard that his blessing had been given elsewhere? (v.34)

Loud and bitter.

Bitter and exceedingly great.

Great and exceedingly bitter.


Q25.  With what did Isaac say that Jacob came and took away the blessing? (v.35)


An armed men and great force.

Craft and guile.


Q26.  Esau said that Jacob had supplanted him 2 times. What were these two things in which Esau had been supplanted by Jacob? (v.36)

Birthright and love of his mother.

Blessing and the regard of his father.

Birthright and blessing.


Q27.  Isaac told Esau that the blessing had sustained Jacob with _______. (v.37)

The fatness of the earth.

Money, menservants, and maidservants.

Corn and wine.


Q28.  With what things did Isaac bless Esau? (v.39-40)

Dwelling on the fatness of the earth and of the dew of heaven, living by the sword, serving his brother, and being finally able to break the yoke of dominion from his neck.

Living and dying by the sword.

Cradle-to-grave healthcare.


Q29.  Because of Esau’s hatred of Jacob, when did he say that he would kill Jacob? (v.41)

The very next day.

After the days of mourning for Isaac.

Immediately upon sight of him.


Q30.  Who told Jacob to flee to Laban’s house in Haran? (v.42-43)


Bashemath, Esau's wife.



Q31.  What relation was Laban to Rebekah? (v.43)





Q32.  How long did Rebekah think that Jacob would have to stay with Laban until Esau’s wrath turned away? (v.44)

A fortnight.

Fourscore years and ten.

A few days.


Q33.  Whose daughters did Rebekah say made her life weary? (v.46)

The daughters of the Hittites.

The daughters of Abimelech.

The daughters of Heth.

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