Genesis - Chapter 22 Questions

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1. Who tempted Abraham? 

A. God 

B. Abimelech 

C. Phichol

2. Where did God tell Abraham to take his son, Isaac? 

A. Bethel 

B. Moriah 

C. Hebron

3. What was Abraham to do with Isaac? 

A. teach him to build an altar 

B. take gifts to the king of Salem 

C. offer him for a brunt offering

4. After leaving the young men, what did Abraham take with him and Isaac? 

A. stones, rope, fire 

B. wood, fire and a knife 

C. fire, knife, stones

5. Whom did Abraham say would provide the lamb for the burnt offering? 

A. God 

B. the servants 

C. an angel

6. When Abraham and Isaac came to the place God had told them, what did Abraham do to Isaac? 

A. prayed 

B. bound Isaac and laid him on the altar 

C. set him free

7. With what did Abraham plan to slay Isaac? 

A. knife 

B. bow 

C. sword

8. How did the angel say he knew Abraham feared God? 

A. he kept His commandments 

B. he had not withheld his son 

C. offered sacrifices to Him

9. What did Abraham offer as a burnt offering instead of his son? 

A. a ram 

B. a lamb 

C. a bull

10. What is the meaning of the name Abraham gave to this place - Jehovah - jireth? 

A. He offered his only son 

B. God is in this place 

C. In the mount of the Lord it shall be seen

11. In multiplying his seed, Abraham's descendants would be like what two things? 

A. stars and grasses 

B. sand and stars 

C. sand and raindrops

12. Why would all nations of the earth be blessed by Abraham's seed? 

A. he obeyed God's voice 

B. he was an Israelite 

C. he was of the tribe of Judah

13. After the offering of Isaac, what did Abraham dwell? 

A. Bethel 

B. Mamre 

C. Beer-sheba

14. Who was Abraham's brother? 

A. Lemuel 

B. Lamech 

C. Nahor

15. Who was the brother's wife? 

A. Milcah 

B. Bilhah 

C. Zilpah

16. Who was the father of Aram? 

A. Huz 

B. Buz 

C. Kemuel

17. Bethuel begat whom? 

A. Tamar 

B. Rebekah 

C. Esther

18. How many children did Milcah bear? 

A. six 

B. seven 

C. eight

19. The concubine, Reumah, bore how many children? 

A. 3 

B. 4 

C. 5


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