Genesis - Chapter 21 Questions

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1. How old was Isaac when he was circumcised? 

A. 7 days old 

B. 8 days old 

C. 9 days old

2. How old was Abraham when Isaac was born? 

A. 90 

B. 100 

C. 110

3. Sarah said God made her do what? 

A. conceive 

B. cry 

C. laugh

4. On what day did Abraham make a great feast? 

A. day of circumcision 

B. day of purification 

C. day of weaning

5. Who was mocking at the feast? 

A. son of Hagar 

B. Hagar 

C. the Egyptian

6. Why did Sarah want the bondwoman and her son cast out? 

A. Sarah did not want the son of the bondwoman to be heir with her son 

B. the son mocked them 

C. both

7. Finish this pharse: "for in Isaac shall thy seed be: 

A. called 

B. blessed 

C. named

8. What was God going to do for the son of the bondwoman? 

A. bless his seed 

B. make a nation 

C. make his name great

9. What did Abraham give to Hagar when he sent her away? 

A. gold and silver 

B. bread and oil 

C. bread and water

10. Where did Hager wander? 

A. wilderness of Shur 

B. wilderness of Beer-sheba 

C. wilderness of Sin

11. What distance did Hagar seat herself from Ishmael? 

A. spears throw 

B. arrow's length 

C. bowshot

12. What did Hagar think would happen to her son? 

A. death 

B. someone would find him 

C. Abraham would call him back

13. What did the angel tell Hagar to do to the child? 

A. take him to the ruler's house 

B. lift him up and hold him 

C. wrap him in linen

14. When God opened Hagar's eyes what did she see? 

A. brightness of His glory 

B. the gates of heaven 

C. a well of water

15. As Ishmael grew, what did he become? 

A. an archer 

B. herdsman 

C. a tiller of the ground

16. Where did Ishmael live? 

A. wilderness of Shur 

B. wilderness of Beer-sheba 

C. wilderness of Paran

17. From what country did Hagar take a wife for Ishmael? 

A. Aram 

B. Egypt 

C. Moab

18. Who requested that Abraham deal kindly with them? 

A. Abner and Jehu 

B. Edom and Sihon 

C. Abimelech and Phichol

19. Why did Abraham reprove Abimelech? 

A. his servants had violently taken a well of water 

B. he had taken some of Abraham's flock 

C. his servants had fought with Abraham's servants

20. What did Abraham and Abimelech make together? 

A. treaty 

B. agreement 

C. covenant

21. How many ewe lambs did Abraham set aside? 

A. 3 

B. 7 

C. 5

22. For what were the ewe lambs a witness ? 

A. the covenant 

B. that Abraham had the right to sojourn in the land 

C. that Abraham had dug the well

23. What did they call the place where they both swore? 

A. Jezreel 

B. Baal-hazor 

C. Beer-sheba

24. What did Abraham do at this place? 

A. planted a grove and called on the name of the Lord 

B. build an altar and pray 

C. offered sacrifices and prayed

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