Genesis Chapter 20 Outline

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20 - Abraham and Abimelech

I. Abraham's journey

A. He went toward the south country

1. Kadesh

2. Shur

3. Gerar

B. Abraham talks to Abimelech

1. Sarah is my sister

2. Sarah is also his wife

3. Abimelech takes her 

a. God came to him in a dream
1) Thou art a dead man
2) The woman you have taken is a man's wife

4. Abimelech's response

a. He had not come near her
b. Lord wilt thou slay a righteous nation
c. Abraham told him she is my sister
d. Sarah told he is my brother
e. I have integrity in my heart and innocency of hand

5. God said in a dream

a. I know your integrity
b. I withheld thee from sinning
c. Do not touch her
d. Restore the man his wife
1) He is a prophet
2) He will pray for you
3) You will live and all that are thine

II. Abimelech's actions

A. He calls Abraham

1. He asked why have you done this?

2. What have I offended you?

a. That you brought this on me and on my kingdom
b. This great sin

3. You ought not to have done this

B. Abraham's response

1. I thought the fear of God is not in this place

a. She is my sister
b. The daughter of my father
1) not the daughter of my mother
2) She became my wife

2. When God caused me to wander from my father's house, I told her it would be a kindness to say I am your brother

C. Abimelech gives gifts to Abraham

1. Sheep

2. Oxen

3. Men and women servants

4. restored his wife Sarah

D. Abimelech tells Sarah

1. I have given thy brother 1000 pieces of silver

2. He is to thee a covering of the eyes

a. unto all that are with thee
b. all other

3. She was reproved

III. Abraham prays unto God

A. God healed Abimelech

B. His wife and maidservants

1. They bare children

2. The Lord had fast closed up the wombs of the house of Abimelech because of Sarah, Abraham's wife

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