Genesis Chapter 4 Outline

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4 - Beginning of Life Cycle - Birth & Death


A. Birth of Cain & Abel - v.l-2.

(1) Cain first born.

(2) Abel keeper of sheep, Cain tiller of ground.

B. By faith Abel offered a more noble sacrifice than Cain - Hebrews ll:4 - v.3-7.

(1) Cain brought fruit of ground unto The Lord.

(2) Abel brought firstling of flock.

(3) God had respect for Abel & his offering. 

(4) Cain wroth but reproved by The Lord. 

C. Jealousy causes first murder - v.8

D. Cain's punishment - v.9-15.

(1) The Lord questions Cain & Cain lied.

(2) God said Abel's blood cried out from ground.

(3) Cain cursed & made to wander.

(4) God appointed Cain a sign, that no one should smite him.

E. Generations of Cain - v.16-24.

F. Birth of Seth & Enos - v.25-26.

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