Genesis Chapter 3 Outline

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3 - Beginning of Evil - Sin & Curse


A. Serpent deceives Eve & Eve gives to Adam - v.1-8.

(1) Serpent questions Eve & tempts her to eat fruit, promising that she would be as wise as God, knowing good and evil and would not die.

(2) Eve saw tree was good for food, delight to eyes, desired to make one wise.

(3) Eve ate, Adam ate, knew they were naked, hid themselves

B. The Lord God discovers sin & curse is pronounced - v.9-21

(1) Man said he was naked & God knew he had sinned. 

(2) Man blamed woman, woman blamed serpent. 

(3) Curse is pronounced.

(a) Serpent to crawl upon belly & be bruised by seed of women.

(b) Woman to bear children in pain & be subject to husband.

(c) Man to make living by sweat of face.

(d) All must return to dust from which made.

C. The Lord God expels man from Garden of Eden - v.22-24.

(1) Man put out of garden so he could not eat of tree of life.

(2) A guard placed to keep the way of the tree of life.

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