Counting the Cost of Discipleship - Luke 14:25-33 - Outline & Audio

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Biblical references in Gahanna-Jefferson Church of Christ's nondenominational sermon outlines are linked directly to text of the King James version of the Bible. Bible quotes you hear in the streaming audio may be from the New King James version of the Bible.

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Text: Luke 14:25-33


A. The prospective Christian needs to consider this.

B. And so must we!

C. David knew the principle - II Samuel 24:24.

D. The world knows it - Becoming a doctor, starting a business, etc.


I. Costs of discipleship mentioned by Jesus in Luke 14.

A. A diminished family loyalty - v.26.

1. Luke 9:57-62.

2. Matthew 10:34-39.

3. Most obvious when conflict arises over Christ.

B. A denial of own life or self - v.26.

1. Worldly philosophies of - eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow we die, you only go around once, and get what's yours -are no part of our thinking.

2. Demas failed to pay the price - II Timothy 4:10.

3. Similar to thorny ground in parable of sower - Mark 4:18-19.

4. Discipleship involves a mind set of stewardship.

C. A willingness to bear a cross for Jesus - v.27.

1. There maybe shame and reproach - Romans 1:16.

2. There maybe persecutions and sufferings - I Peter 2:19-21; 4:12-16.

3. There maybe family rejection.

4. Similar to stony ground in parable of sower - Mark 4:16-17.

D. A willingness to follow Jesus - v.27.

1. No my will, but thy will be done.

2. No room for a Diotrephes - III John 9-10.

3. Luke 6:46

4. John 14:15

II. Other costs To consider.

A. Ceasing of all sin & putting on of holiness.

1. Romans 6:11-13; 17-19

2. Maybe like cutting off right hand - Mark 9:43-48.

B. Faithfulness unto death - Revelation 2:10.

1. Endurance until the end - Hebrews 10:35-36; 12:1-3.

C. Possible loss of worldly wealth, prestige or honor.

1. Rich young ruler - Mark 10:17ff.

2. Moses considered the cost and paid it - Hebrews 11:24-26.

3. It cost Paul - Philippians 3:4-8.


A. Jesus said we must forsake all if we intend to be His disciple.

B. The parables of the field with the hidden treasure and the pearl of great price (Matthew.13:44-46) both show that one sells all that he has to gain the kingdom. 

C. Have you? Will you? Will you pay the cost of discipleship now?

-- Don Treadway, February 2002 --

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