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A. Jesus Christ is truly the master teacher. He never went to school to learn teaching techniques, and yet he could hold audiences spellbound.

B. Jesus had perfect knowledge of the subject on which He spoke. He also had perfect knowledge about the people to whom He spoke. John 6:38; 17:3-4; 19:30; 2:25. A good teacher strives to know the needs and wishes of' his students.

C. Teachers today should strive to imitate Christ's methods of teaching.

D. Christ was described by Nicodemus as a "teacher sent from God" - John 3:2.

E. Christ's greatest witness to what He taught was His own life. A teacher has to live what he teaches. Christ proved His teachings by His life.

F. Jesus believed what He taught. A teacher must be convinced of what he is teaching or his pupils will see right through him.

G. Jesus knew the Scriptures and this was his source of power. He depended on God's word, not man's opinion. We need to follow this example of trust in God's word.

H. Jesus loved His students. "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care."


I. Christ taught on the level of the people.

A. Jesus taught in a simple way. He did not try to overwhelm them with His perfect knowledge.

1. He kept his teaching simple so that the people could understand. Have you ever listened to a teacher, heard every, word, but didn't know the meaning of what he said?

a. Matthew 21:45.
b. Luke 20:19.

2. There is an evident, clear, direct simplicity in His teaching.

3. His teachings dealt with the reality of Life.

a. A man who thinks of nothing but his barns. 
b. A glutton who has no feeling for the hungry outside his door. 
c. A youthful man, who ignoring his father's wisdom took his inheritance and disgraces his father's house by his wild living. 
d. A lazy worker who buries his master's investment. 
e. A heartless priest who ignores an injured man.

B. Jesus taught as one having authority.

1. He spoke with authority - Mark 1:22; Matthew 7:28-29.

2. His word was with great authority - Luke 4:32.

II. Christ used every opportunity to teach.

A. Jesus was constantly teaching people.

1. Matthew 4:23.

2. Mark 1:39.

3. Mark 3:1.

4. Matthew 26:55.

B. Jesus taught people under all circumstances and in many different places.

1. In the synagogue - Matthew 4:23; Mark 3:1; Luke 4:16, 20.

2. From a mountain-side - Matthew 5:12.

3. While in a boat - Matthew 8:23.

4. While walking through a grain field - Mark 2:23-28.

5. In desert places - Mark 6:31-34.

6. In the temple - Mark 12:35; Luke 19:47; John 8:2.

7. In homes - John 3:1-2.

8. By a well - John 4:6-30.

9. He taught whenever and wherever people would listen.

III. Christ used many different teaching methods.

A. Jesus employed many ways of teaching.

1. He used a sermon - Matthew 5-7.

2. He alluded to history - Matthew 11:20-24.

3. He taught by referring to things people understood - Matthew 18:3ff.

4. He used parables - Matthew 13.

5. He used illustration - Matthew l8:1ff.

6. He employed question and answer - Matthew 21:23-27; 22:15-22.

7. He taught by asking questions - Mark 11:28-33; 12:35-37

8. He referred to tradition - Matthew 15:1-20; Mark 7:1-13

9. He used contemporary events - Luke 13:1-5

10. He told stories - Luke 15.

B. Jesus used the method of teaching that was best to the person to whom He was speaking. He realized all cannot be taught the same way.

1. He openly exposed and condemned hypocrites - Matthew 23.

2. He used compassion and love on some - Mark 6:3:4.

3. He taught as people were able to understand - Mark 4:33.

4. He taught some by comparison - Luke 7:44-46.

5. He talked about the "water of life" to the thirsty - John 4:7-15

6. He talked about the "bread of life" to the hungry - John 6:31-35

7. He talked on the dangers of riches to those who were covetous - Luke 12:13-21.

8. He spoke of the "new birth" to the moral man - John 3:1-8.

9. Jesus always told people what they needed to know, not what they especially wanted to hear. He never told a person he was alright when the person was not right in the sight of God - II Timothy 4:34.

IV. Christ had results when he taught.

A. People were astonished at Him.

1. Matthew 7:28-29.

2. Matthew 13:54.

3. Matthew 22:33.

4. Mark 11:18.

5. Luke 4:32.

6. John 7:46.

B. People paid attention to the teachings of Jesus - Luke 19:48.

C. People were silenced by His teaching - Matthew 22:34, 46; Mark 12:34; Luke 20:40.

D. People praised His teaching (some reluctantly).

1. Matthew 13:54.

2. Mark 12:28.

3. Luke 20:39.

4. John 7:15.

5. There was never a time when Jesus did not answer a person well.

-- Don Treadway, March 2002 --

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