Mark - Chapter 6 Questions

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1. After Jesus healed Jairus' daughter, to what country did he go? (v.1)
A. the country of the Gadarenes
B. his own country
C. Galilee
2. What did the people say that Jesus had been given that such mighty works were wrought by his hands? (v.2)
A. wisdom
B. power
C. authority
3. Which men were not named as Jesus' brothers? (v.3)
A. James and Joses
B. Juda and Simon
C. James and John
4. Jesus said that a prophet was not without honour except: (v.4)
A. in his own country, and among his own kin, and in his own house
B. in his own house, and among his kindred, and in his own country
C . in his own country, and among his kindred, and in his own city
5. What was the only mighty work that Jesus could do "in his own country"? (v.5)
A. he laid his hands upon a few sick folk and healed them
B. he laid his hands upon a few sick folk and cast out the unclean spirits
C. he did no mighty work in his own country
6. At what did Jesus marvel? (v.6)
A. the hardness of their heart
B. their unbelief
C. their fear and trembling
7. When Jesus called the 12 and gave them power over unclean spirits, how did he send them out? (v.7)
A. two by two
B. two plus two
C. two and two
8. When Jesus sent out the 12, what was the only thing that they should take? (v.8)
A. staff
B. scrip
C . bread
9. What were the 12 to wear? (v.9)
A. sandals
B. shoes
C. two coats
10. Into what place should they enter and stay until their departure? (v.10)
A. a town
B. a village
C. an house
11. For what two cities would it be more tolerable in the judgment than those who would not receive or hear the disciples? (v.11)
A. Tyre and Sidon
B. Sodom and Gomorrah
C. Jerusalem and Bethsaida
12. What did the disciples preach? (v.12)
A. baptism for remission of sin
B. that men should repent
C. that the kingdom of heaven was at hand
13. Which people were anointed? (v.13)
A. those who were to rule Israel
B. those who had unclean spirits
C. many that were sick
14. Who heard of Jesus and thought that he was John the Baptist? (v.14)
A. Herodias
B. king Herod
C. Philip
15. Who did others think that Jesus might be? (v.15)
A. Elias or a prophet
B. as one of the prophets
C. both A and B
16. According to 6:16, what did Herod say he did to John the Baptist?
A. beheaded him
B. imprisoned him
C. both A and B
17. According to 6:17, for whose sake did Herod imprison John the Baptist?
A. Herodias'
B. Salome's
C. Philip's
18. John has told Herod that it was not __________ for Herod to marry Herodias. (v.18)
A. according to the law
B. righteous
C. lawful
19. Who was it that had a quarrel against John the Baptist? (v.19)
A. Herod
B. Herodias
C. Philip
20. What was Herod's reaction to John the Baptist? (v.20)
A. He feared him
B. He heard him gladly
C. Both A and B
21. Which group was NOT invited to Herod's birthday supper? (v.21)
A. Pilate and his wife
B. lords and high captains
C. chief estates of Galilee
22. True or False: Herodias' daughter danced and pleased both Herod and those of the chief estates of Galilee. (v.22)
A. True.
B. False.
23. What limit did Herod put on Herodias' daughter's request? (v.23)
A. whatsoever thou shalt ask unto the half of my kingdom
B. whatsoever thou dost desire in all of Israel
C. whatsoever thou dost desire up to half of my kingdom
24. For what did Herodias want her daughter to ask? (v.24)
A. the death of John the Baptist
B. the imprisonment of Philip
C. the head of John the Baptist
25. In what and when did Herodias' daughter want the head of John the Baptist? (v.25)
A. on a platter and right away
B. on a charger and by and by
C. on a charger and straightway
26. What was Herod's reaction at Herodias' daughter's request? (v.26)
A. he feared
B. he was exceeding sorry
C. he heard her gladly
27. At what time did Herod command that John's head should be brought? (v.27)
A. immediately
B. by and by
C. straightway
28. According to 6:27, 28, who gave John's head on a charger to Herodias? (v.28)
A. the executioner
B. the damsel
C. Herod
29. When John's disciples heard what had happened to him, what did they do? (v.29)
A. took his body and laid it in a tomb
B. took his corpse and buried it
C. took his corpse and laid it in a tomb
30. When the disciples gathered to tell Jesus all things [about their missionary trip], what did this include? (v.30)
A. both what they had done and what they had taught
B. with what great power they had cast out devils
C. both A and B
31. To where did Jesus say that the disciples should come apart and rest? (v.31)
A. the wilderness
B. a desert place
C. on the mountain
32. By what mode of transportation did they go to the desert place? (v.32)
A. by walking
B. by ship privately
C. in many small ships
33. When the people saw Jesus and the disciples departing, which thing did they not do? (v.33)
A. ran afoot thither, and outwent them
B. came together unto him
C. thronged him so that he could not move for the press
34. Jesus was moved with compassion for the people, because they were like: (v.34)
A. sheep without a shepherd
B. a ship without a rudder
C. sands through the hourglass
35. At what time did the disciples come to Jesus and urge him to send the people from the desert place into the villages?  When: (v.35)
A. straightway Jesus finished speaking
B. the day was far spent, and the time was far passed
C. the day was far passed, and the time was far spent
36. What did the disciples think that the people should buy because they were hungry? (v.36)
A. meat
B. victuals
C. bread
37. How much did the disciples think they would have to spend to buy bread for all the people? (v.37)
A. two hundred pennyworth
B. two hundred denari
C. an hundred pennyworth
38. How many loaves and fish did the disciples find in the crowd? (v.38)
A. 5 loaves and 3 fishes
B. 5 loaves and 2 fishes
C. 2 loaves and 5 fishes
39. In what divisions did Jesus command them all to sit down on the grass? (v.39)
A. companies
B. families
C. tribes
40. How many people were in each rank? (v.40)
A. hundreds
B. fifties
C. both A and B
41. What did Jesus do to the food? (v.41)
A. blessed it, broke the loaves and divided the fishes
B. blessed it, brake the fishes and divided the loaves
C. blessed it and gave only to the disciples to eat
42. All the people ate and were: (v.42)
A. complete
B. filled
C. still hungry
43. What did they take up after the meal? (v.43)
A. 12 baskets of bread fragments and fish
B. 12 baskets of bread
C. 12 baskets full of the fragments and of the fishes
44. How many people does the Bible say ate of the loaves? (v.44)
A. about 5,000 men
B. about 5,000 people
C. about 7,000
45. Jesus straightway constrained his disciples to get into the ship, and to go to the other side before him into which city while he sent away the people? (v.45)
A. Bethany
B. Bethesda
C. Bethsaida
46. Where did Jesus go to pray? (v.46)
A. desert
B. mountain
C. wilderness
47. At even, where was the ship with the disciples? (v.47)
A. along the seashore
B. in the midst of the sea
C. in Bethsaida
48. At about what time did Jesus see that the disciples were toiling at their rowing because of the contrary wind and came toward them walking? (v.48)
A. the sixth hour
B. the fourth watch
C. midnight
49. What did the disciples suppose that Jesus was when he was walking on the water? (v.49)
A. a ghost
B. an unclean spirit
C. a spirit
50. What did Jesus say to them? (v.50)
A. Be of good cheer; it is I; be not afraid.
B. Be not afraid but of good cheer; it is I.
C. Fear not; be of good cheer; it is I.
51. When the wind ceased, the disciples were sore amazed in themselves beyond measure and: (v.51)
A. worshipped
B. fell at his feet
C. wondered
52. The disciples' heart had been hardened, and they were amazed at the cessation of the wind. What had they not considered? (v.52)
A. the calming of the storm
B. the miracle of the loaves
C. the healing of palsied man
53. After the disciples passed over, they came into the land of: (v.53)
A. Galilee
B. the Gadarenes
C. Gennesaret
54. How soon did the people of Gennesaret know who Jesus was? (v.54)
A. straightway
B. immediately
C. by and by
55. What did the people of the whole region do to the sick when they heard where Jesus was? (v.55)
A. bring them straightway to him
B. place them where Jesus' shadow could fall upon them by and by
C. carried them about in beds
56. Whithersoever Jesus entered in the villages, or cities, or country, the sick besought him that they might:
A. touch him
B. touch if it were but the hem of his garment
C. touch if it were but the border of his garment

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