Mark - Chapter 5 Questions

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1. (vs 1) "And they came over unto the other side of the sea…", into what country?
A. Gerasenes
B. Gadarenes
C. Capernaum
2. (vs 2) "Immediately there met him out of the tombs a man with…"
A. An unclean spirit
B. A devil
C. Leprosy
3. (vs 3) "What could no man bind him…" with?
A. Fetters
B. Ropes
C. Chains
4. (vs 4) "Neither could any man…"
A. Tame him
B. Bind him
C. Chain him
5. (vs 5) "And always, night and day, he was…" where?
A. In the desert and in the tombs
B. In the countryside and in the tombs
C. In the mountains and in the tombs
6. (vs 6) What did he do "...when he saw Jesus afar off…"
A. He beseeched him and kneeled down
B. He ran and worshipped him
C. He fell down before him and cried
7. (vs 7) He said to Jesus "...I adjure thee by God, that thou…"
A. Do us no harm
B. Torment us before the time
C. Torment me not
8. (vs 8) For Jesus said unto him…
A. Come out of the man, thou unclean spirit
B. Come out of him, thou devil
C. Come out of the man, thou evil spirit
9. (vs 9) The man answered Jesus saying, "…My name is Legion:…"
A. For we are many devils
B. For we are many
C. Because many devils were entered into him.
10. (vs 10) "And he besought him much that he would not send them away out of…" where?
A. The country
B. The deep
C. The wilderness
11. (vs 11) "Now there was there nigh unto the mountains…" what?
A. A herd of swine
B. A herd of many swine feeding
C. A great herd of swine feeding
12. (vs 12) Who be sought Jesus?
A. Legion
B. All the devils
C. Unclean spirit
13. (vs 13) Where did the herd run?
A. Down the hill into the sea
B. Down a steep place into the lake
C. Down a steep place into the sea
14. (vs 14) What did they that fed the swine do?
A. Fled and told it in the city and in the country
B. Went their way into the city
C. Went to their homes
15. (vs 15) The man possessed with the devil and had the legion was in what condition?
A. Sitting at Jesus' feet clothed and in his right mind
B. Sitting, and clothed, and in his right mind
C. Clothed and in his right mind
16. (vs 17) What did they want Jesus to do?
A. Depart from them
B. Leave the area
C. Depart out of their coasts
17. (vs 18) What did the man that had been possessed with the devil request of Jesus?
A. That he might be with him
B. That he would go with him
C. That he became one of his Followers
18. (vs 19) What did Jesus tell him?
A. Go home to thy friends
B. Return to thine own home
C. Show thyself to the priest
19. (vs 20) Where did the man begin to publish the "great things of Jesus…"?
A. Capernaum
B. Decapolis
C. Nazareth
20. (vs 22) What was the name of one of the rulers of the synagogue?
A. Jairus
B. Herod
C. Jabez
21. (vs 23) What did Jairus want Jesus to do to heal his daughter?
A. Pray for her
B. Held her hand
C. Lay his hands on her
22. (vs 24) What did Jesus do when asked?
A. He sent him away
B. He went with him
C. He spoke to the people
23. (vs 25) Who had an issue of blood twelve years?
A. A certain woman
B. A young woman
C. A canaanite woman
24. (vs 26) What was her condition?
A. Did not change
B. Grew worse
C. Very grave
25. (vs 27) When she heard of Jesus, what did she do?
A. Touched his garment
B. Touched the hem of his garment
C. Touched the border of his garment
26. (vs 28) For she said, "If I may touch but his clothes…"
A. I shall be healed
B. I shall be blessed
C. I shall be whole
27. (vs 29) "She felt in her body that she was…"
A. Made whole from that hour
B. Healed of that plague
C. Healed immediately
28. (vs 30) What did Jesus say to her?
A. Thy faith hath made thee whole
B. Who touched me?
C. Who touched my clothes?
29. (vs 31) Who said "Thou seest the multitude thronging thee…"
A. His disciples
B. Jairus
C. Peter
30. (vs 33) What did the woman tell Jesus?
A. Her story
B. All the truth
C. What cause she had touched him
31. (vs 34) What did Jesus say to her?
A. Daughter be of good comfort
B. Daughter go in peace
C. Daughter thy faith hath made thee whole go in peace and be whole of thy plague
32. (vs 35) What is Jairus told of his daughters condition?
A. She is dead
B. She is near death
C. She is recovered
33. (vs 36) What did Jesus tell Jairus?
A. Fear not believe only
B. She shall be made whole
C. Be not afraid, only believe
34. (vs 37) Who went with Jesus?
A. Peter and the father and mother
B. Peter and James and John the brother of James
C. Peter and John
35. (vs 38) When Jesus came to the house he saw...
A. The tulmult and them that wept and wailed greatly
B. All that wept and bewailed her
C. The minstrels and the people making a noise
36. (vs 39) What did Jesus say to them?
A. The maid is not dead but sleepeth
B. Weep not she is not dead
C. Why make ye this ado, and weep? The damsel is not dead but sleepeth
37. (vs 40) What did they do?
A. Laughed at him
B. Laughed him to scorn
C. Continued to weep and wail
38. (vs 41) What did Jesus say to the girl?
A. Maid arise
B. Arise and walk
C. Damsel, I say unto thee, arise
39. (vs 42) How old was the damsel?
A. Ten years
B. Of the age of twelve years
C. Sixteen years
40. (vs 43) What did Jesus command?
A. Something should be given her to eat
B. To give her meat
C. They should tell no man what was done

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