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v1. As Jesus taught and preached the gospel in the Temple, who came to him?

a. Chief priest, scribes, elders.

b. Scribes, Pharisees, Sadducees.

c. Scribes, lawyers, elders.


v2. What did they ask of Jesus?

a. Is there a resurrection of the dead?

b. Is the Kingdom, going to be restored to Israel at this time?

c. Who or by what authority do you do these things?


v3-4. Jesus' answer was a question. What did He ask?

a. Hast not all power and authority been given unto me?

b. The baptism of John, was it from heaven or of men?

c. Have I not come to do the Father's will?


v5. If they say from heaven, what would they be asked?

a. Have you been baptized?

b. Why then believed ye Him not?

c. Dost thou believe?


v6. If they said of men, all the people would stone them. Why?

a. They be persuaded that John was a prophet.

b. They believed in Jesus.

c. They knew it was from God.


v7. True or False - They answered it was of men.

a. True.

b. False.


v9. Then the parable Jesus spoke to the people was about a certain man who planted a vineyard, let it forth to husbandmen, and _____.

a. Reaped the harvest for himself.

b. Expected half the crop as payment.

c. Went into a far country.


v10. What did the husbandmen do to the first servant sent by the certain man to get some fruit?

a. Killed him.

b. Gave him half of the fruits.

c. Beat him and sent him away empty.


v11. What happened to the second servant?

a. Beat him, entreated him shamefully and sent him away empty.

b. Whipped and scorned him.

c. Told him to send his master.


v12. What did they do to the third?

a. Killed him.

b. Imprisoned him.

c. Wounded him and cast him out.


v13. Who did the Lord of the vineyard send next?

a. The captain of his army.

b. His head servant.

c. His beloved son.


v14. Why did they reason to kill him?

a. So the Lord of the vineyard would leave them alone.

b. So the inheritance would be theirs.

c. He would not go away.


v15-16. What would the lord do to those who killed his son?

a. Have them imprisoned.

b. Destroy them and give the vineyard to others.

c. Would kill them.


v17. What did Jesus say had become of the stone which the builders rejected?

a. Had become the head of the corner.

b. Trampled under the foot of man.

c. Had become lost.


v18. Whoever fell on the stone would be broken, but what would happen to the one that the stone fell upon?

a. Shatter him.

b. Grind him to powder.

c. Crush him.


v19. The chief priests and scribes wanted to lay hands on Jesus that same hour. Why didn't they?

a. It was the Sabbath.

b. They feared the Roman government.

c. They feared the people for they perceived Jesus had spoken against them.


v20. The chief priests and scribes sent out spies to try and find something to "trap" Jesus. What kind of men did they feign to be?

a. Just.

b. Honest.

c. Sincere.


v22. What question did the spies ask Jesus?

a. Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath?

b. What shall we do to inherit eternal life?

c. Is it lawful for us to give tribute unto Caesar, or no?


v24. What did Jesus want them to show Him?

a. Their hands.

b. A coin.

c. A penny.


v25. Finish the quote. "Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar's and..."

a. Unto the Spirit the things which be the Spirit's.

b. Unto God the things which be God's.

c. Unto man the things which be man's.


v26. These men couldn't "take hold of His words" so what did they do?

a. Wondered at his answer, and help their peace.

b. Marvelled at his answer, and went away.

c. Marvelled at his answer, and held their peace.


v27. What did the Sadducees deny?

a. The inspiration of scripture.

b. The resurrection.

c. The Holy Spirit.


v28. What did Moses write about a man who dies with a wife and no children?

a. His brother should take his wife and raise up seed unto his brother.

b. His brother should take his property and care for his wife.

c. His brother should take his wife and give her to another.


v29. In the Sadducees story how many brothers were there?

a. 8.

b. 7.

c. 9.


v35. Jesus said some were accounted worthy to obtain _____, and _____.

a. That world, the resurrection from the dead.

b. Heaven, the resurrection from the dead.

c. Heaven, the resurrection from the grave.


v37. What did Moses call the Lord at the bush?

a. The God of Isaac, the God of Abraham and the God of Jacob.

b. The God of Jacob, the God of Isaac and the God of Abraham.

c. The God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob.


v38. How does Jesus describe God?

a. The God of the dead.

b. The God of the living.

c. The God of the Jews.


v39-41. What did Jesus ask the scribes concerning the Christ?

a. How is the Christ David's son?

b. How is David the Christ's son?

c. How is Abraham the Christ's son?


v42. What book does Jesus quote from concerning David?

a. II Samuel.

b. I Kings.

c. Psalms.


v45. Jesus warned the _____ concerning the scribes.

a. Disciples.

b. Apostles.

c. People.


v46-47. Jesus gave _____ examples of the scribes' sin.

a. 2.

b. 4.

c. 6.


v47. Jesus said the punishment for their sin would be _____.

a. Greater condemnation.

b. Greater damnation.

c. Hell's fire.

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