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v1. In what city did Jesus meet Zacchaeus?

a. Jerusalem.

b. Samaria.

c. Jericho.


v2. What is said about Zacchaeus?

a. Chief among the sinners and rich.

b. Chief among the publicans and rich.

c. Chief among the priests and rich.


v3. Why couldn't Zacchaeus see Jesus? He was...

a. Little of stature.

b. Little of height.

c. Little of build.


v4. What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb?

a. Cedar.

b. Sycomore.

c. Olive.


v5. Finish the quote: "Zacchaeus, make haste, and come down; for today I must:

a. Dine with thee.

b. Eat with thee.

c. Abide at thy house.


v6. How did Zacchaeus receive Jesus?

a. Joyfully.

b. Gladly.

c. Graciously.


v7. The people murmured and said Jesus had gone to be a guest of whom?

a. A publican.

b. A tax collector.

c. A sinner.


v8. Zacchaeus said he gave _____ of his goods to the poor, and if he had wrongfully taken anything he would restore _____.

a. A fourth; fourfold.

b. Half; an hundredfold.

c. Half; fourfold.


v9. Jesus called him a son of Abraham and said _____ had come to his house?

a. Peace.

b. Salvation.

c. Judgment.


v10. Why had the Son of Man come?

a. Seek and save that which was lost.

b. Bring a sword not peace.

c. Call sinners to repentance.


v11. Jesus spoke a parable because he was nigh to Jerusalem and...

a. They called Jesus a hypocrite for eating with Zacchaeus.

b. They sought a sign from Him.

c. They thought the kingdom of God should appear immediately.


v12. In the parable, who went into the far country to receive a kingdom?

a. A certain prince.

b. A certain nobleman.

c. A certain rich man.


v13. In the parable there were _____ servants called and _____ pounds delivered.

a. Ten, twenty.

b. Five, ten.

c. Ten, ten.


v13. What were the servants to do with the pounds until he came back?

a. Barter.

b. Occupy.

c. Use.


v14. Why didn't the citizens want this man to reign over them?

a. They hated him.

b. He was unjust.

c. He was a stranger.


v15. When the man returned to the kingdom, what did he want to know from his servants?

a. The names of the people who hated him.

b. How much every man had gained by trading.

c. How much interest his pounds had made.


v16-17. What did the servant get who had gained 10 pounds?

a. Ten cities.

b. Ten pounds for himself.

c. Five cities.


v18-19. What did the servant get who gained five pounds?

a. Five pounds for himself.

b. Five cities.

c. Ten cities.


v20. Where did another servant say he had kept his pound?

a. Buried in the ground.

b. Hidden in his closet.

c. Laid up in a napkin.


v21. Which of the following is NOT a reason for the servant to call the ruler an austere man?

a. Thou takest up that thou layedst not down.

b. Thou reapest that thou didst not sow.

c. Thou gatherest where thou didst not scatterest.


v22. What kind of servant did Jesus call this man?

a. Wicked.

b. Slothful.

c. Evil.


v24. The pound of this wicked servant was given to whom?

a. The one with ten pounds.

b. The one with five pounds.

c. The one with two pounds.


v27. What did the nobleman do to those who didn't want him to rule over them?

a. Banish them.

b. Exile them.

c. Slay them.


v29. At the Mount of Olives, how many disciples did Jesus send out?

a. 5.

b. 3.

c. 2.


v30. What were the disciples to bring to Him?

a. A donkey that had never been ridden.

b. A colt that had never been ridden.

c. An ox that had never been hitched to a plow.


v31. If anyone ask why they were taking the colt, what were they to say?

a. The master hath need of him.

b. The Lord hath need of him.

c. The Son of Man hath need of him.


v35. What did the disciple put on the animal before Jesus sat upon it?

a. Palm branches.

b. A saddle.

c. Their garments.


v36. As Jesus rode the colt, what was spread in the way?

a. Palm branches.

b. Their clothes.

c. Sackcloth and ashes.


v37. As Jesus came closer, what did all the disciples begin to do?

a. Sing and pray.

b. Rejoice and praise God.

c. Shout "Hosanna".


v38. Who did the disciples say that Jesus was?

a. The Messiah of God.

b. The promised of the Father.

c. The king that cometh in the name of the Lord.


v39. Who wanted Jesus to rebuke the disciples?

a. Certain of the scribes.

b. The lawyers and scribes.

c. Some of the Pharisees.


v40. What did Jesus tell them would happen if they held their peace?

a. The stones would immediately cry out.

b. Their conscience would bother them.

c. God himself would speak from Heaven.


v41. As Jesus came near the city what did He do?

a. Prayed.

b. Wept.

c. Fasted.


v42-44. Why did Jesus say the city would lay even with the ground?

a. It was filled with sin.

b. It didn't know the time of its visitation.

c. It housed the temple of Baal.


v45-46. Jesus cast out of the temple them that sold and bought because...

a. They had made it a den of thieves.

b. It was unlawful to do this on the Sabbath.

c. It was no longer necessary to offer sacrifices.


v47-48. Who sought to destroy Jesus?

a. Certain of the Scribes and Pharisees.

b. Certain of the Pharisees and lawyers.

c. Chief priests, scribes, chief of the people.

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