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Printable Answers for Luke 2.

v1. Who sent out the decree?

a. Caesar Augustus.

b. Herod.

c. Joseph.

v1. What was the decree about?

a. Marriage.

b. Drinking.

c. Taxes. 

v2. Who was the governor?

a. Herod.

b. Cyrenius.

c. Pilate.

v2. Of what country was Cyrenius the governor?

a. Jerusalem.

b. Juda.

c. Syria.

v4. Joseph went from _____ to _____.

a. Galilee to Judea.

b. Galilee to Israel.

c. Jerusalem to Galilee.

v4. Joseph was of the lineage of _____.

a. John the Baptist.

b. David.

c. Paul.

v5. Who was Joseph’s espoused wife?

a. Anna.

b. Martha.

c. Mary. 

v5. Which of the following is not used to describe Mary in this chapter?

a. His espoused wife.

b. Being great with child.

c. Being a virgin.

v7. The baby was wrapped in _____.

a. Swaddling clothes.

b. Blankets.

c. Myrrh.

v8. Who was keeping watch over their flock?

a. Wise men.

b. Shepherds.

c. Children.

v8. Where were the shepherds with their flock?

a. In the field.

b. At the inn.

c. In the hill country of Juda.

v9. Who came upon the shepherds and their flock in the field?

a. Elisabeth and Zacharias.

b. Pilate.

c. An angel of the Lord.

v9-11. Which of the following does not apply to the angel’s visit to the shepherds?

a. The glory of the Lord shone round about them.

b. The shepherds were sore afraid.

c. The angel said, “unto you a child is born”.

v10. What did the angel say to the shepherds?

a. “Fear not...”.

b. “Hello”.

c. “Whom do you seek?”.

v12. Which of the following did the angel say would be a sign to them?

a. Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes.

b. Lying in a manger.

c. Both a & b.

v13-14. Who praised God?

a. Wise men.

b. The angel and a multitude of the heavenly host.

c. Zacharias.

v15. Where did the shepherds go?

a. Bethlehem.

b. Tiberius.

c. Bethsaida.

v16. Who did the shepherds find?

a. Mary and Elisabeth.

b. Joseph and Zacharias.

c. Mary, Joseph, and Jesus.

v20. Who returned, glorifying and praising God?

a. Wise men.

b. Shepherds.

c. Angels.

v21. What two things happened to the baby when 8 days were accomplished?

a. Named and blessed.

b. Blessed and circumcised.

c. Circumcised and blessed.

v24. What was offered as a sacrifice?

a. Pair of turtledoves.

b. Trio of sparrows.

c. Pair of cardinals.

v25. Who was the man from Jerusalem that the Holy Ghost was upon?

a. Joseph.

b. Simeon.

c. John.

v26. What would he not see until he had seen the Lord?

a. Heaven.

b. Death.

c. Another day.

v32. Who did the light lighten?

a. Jews.

b. Animals.

c. Gentiles.

v34. Who blessed Mary and the baby?

a. Zacharias.

b. Angel.

c. Simeon.

v36. Who was a prophetess?

a. Anna.

b. Mary.

c. Elisabeth.

v36. Anna was the daughter of whom?

a. Simeon.

b. Phanuel.

c. Zacharias.

v37. How often did she leave the temple?

a. Never.

b. Daily.

c. Weekly.

v36-37. Was the prophetess ever married?

a. No.

b. Once.

c. Twice.

v39. To where did they return?

a. Bethsaida.

b. Jericho.

c. Galilee.

v40. The child grew and waxed strong in _____, filled with _____...

a. Spirit / wisdom.

b. Height / sorrow.

c. Spirit / sorrow.

v41. Where did Jesus’ parents go every year?

a. Jerusalem.

b. Tiberius.

c. Gaza.

v41. Why did Jesus’ parents go to Jerusalem every year?

a. To visit family.

b. Feast of the Passover.

c. To pay taxes.

v42-43. When Jesus was 12 and his parents left Jerusalem, where was Jesus?

a. Bethany.

b. Nazareth.

c. Jerusalem.

v43. Where were his parents when they discovered Jesus was missing?

a. At a neighbor’s fire.

b. A day’s journey from Jerusalem.

c. Jerusalem.

v46. Where did Joseph and Mary find Jesus?

a. In the temple.

b. At the river.

c. At a friend’s house.

v49. What was Jesus’ reason for staying behind?

a. He was sick.

b. He wanted “to be about my Father’s business”.

c. He was lost.

v52. Jesus increased in _____.

a. Strength and height.

b. Knowledge and love.

c. Wisdom and stature.

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