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v1.    What was set forth for those taken in hand?

a.  Charter.

b.  Program.

c.  A declaration of things they would surely believe.

v2.    What was from the beginning?

a.  Eyewitness and minister of the Word.

b.  Jews.

c.  God.

v3.  Who did he write to in order?

a.  Zacharias.

b.  John.

c.  Theophilus.

v5.  Who was king of Judaea?

a.  Philip.

b.  Herod.

c.  Caesar.

v5.  What was Zacharias' job?

a.  Carpenter.

b.  Fisherman.

c.  Priest.

v5.  Who was Zacharias' wife?

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Mary.

c.  Miriam.

v6.  What kind of people were Elisabeth and Zacharias?

a.  Righteous and blameless.

b.  Unruly.

c.  Know-it-alls.

v7.  How many children did Zacharias and Elisabeth have in their younger years?

a.  Three.

b.  Two.

c.  None.

v8-9.  What did Zacharias do when he went into the temple?

a.  Wash people's feet.

b.  Wait on tables.

c.  Burn incense.

v10.  Who was praying?

a.  The multitude.

b.  Zacharias.

c.  An Angel.

v11.  What appeared to Zacharias on the right side of the altar?

a.  Another priest.

b.  An Angel.

c.  Satan.

v12.  What happened when he saw the angel?

a.  He prayed.

b.  He was troubled and feared.

c.  He was happy.

v13.  What did the angel tell him?

a.  Fear not, your prayers are answered and you shall have a son.

b.  Elisabeth is too old to have children.

c.  You will have a daughter.

v13.  What were Zacharias and Elisabeth to name their son?

a.  Paul.

b.  Samuel.

c.  John.

v14.  What would happen at his birth?

a.  Everyone would be sad.

b.  There would be joy and gladness.

c.  The kingdom of heaven would arrive.

v15.  Besides being great in God's eyes, what was he to be filled with?

a.  Wine.

b.  Strong drink.

c.  The Holy Ghost.

v16.  How many would turn to God?

a.  Many.

b.  Very few.

c.  None.

v17.  How would John go before them?

a.  In the spirit and power of Elias.

b.  With an angel.

c.  By himself.

v17.  What would the Spirit do?

a.  Leave the people to turn to Satan.

b.  Make ready a people prepared for the Lord.

c.  Let the people remain disobedient.

v18.  What did Zacharias say to the angel?

a.  Nothing.

b.  How will I know this?

c.  We are still young in years.

v19.  Who did Gabriel say that he was?

a.  I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God.

b.  I am an angel that has a message for you.

c.  I am the ruler of this earth.

v20.  Why did Zacharias become dumb?

a.  He ignored the angel.

b.  He did not believe the angel.

c.  He did not hear the angel.

v20.  How long would Zacharias be dumb?

a.  Two weeks.

b.  Three months.

c.  Until the day when these things shall be performed.

v21.  Why did the people marvel?

a.  That he had tarried so long in the temple.

b.  He was gone too long.

c.  His face shone when he came out of the temple.

v22.  What happened when Zacharias came out of the temple?

a.  He was in a trance.

b.  He couldn't speak to them.

c.  He could only mumble.

v23.  Where did he go after his ministration was finished?

a.  He stopped and talked to people.

b.  He signed up for another tour of duty.

c.  He departed to his own house.

v24.  What happened after those days?

a.  Elisabeth did not conceive.

b.  Elisabeth hid for fear of laughter.

c.  She conceived and hid five months.

v25.  What did the Lord take away from Elisabeth?

a.  Her beauty.

b.  Her reproach among men.

c.  Her bad habit.

v26.  In the sixth month, where did Gabriel go?

a.  Crete.

b.  Jerusalem.

c.  Nazareth.

v27.  Who did Gabriel go to see?

a.  Martha.

b.  Mary.

c.  Lydia.

v27.  To whom was Mary espoused?

a.  Joseph.

b.  David.

c.  Michael.

v27.  From what house (lineage) was Joseph?

a.  Levi.

b.  Benjamin.

c.  David.

v30.  What did Gabriel tell Mary?

a.  "I am an angel."

b.  "Fear not, Mary:  for thou has found favour with God."

c.  "I have news for you"

v31.  What would happen to Mary?

a.  She was to marry Joseph immediately.

b.  She would have a son and call him Jesus.

c.  She would be laughed at.

v32.  What would happen to Jesus?

a.  "He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest..."

b.  He shall sit on the literal throne of David.

c.  People will treat him no differently than anyone else.

v33 How long would Jesus reign over the house of Jacob?

a.  Ten years.

b.  Until his death.

c.  For ever.

v33.  When would his kingdom end?

a.  "There shall be no end".

b.  after a season.

c.  at the end of the age.

v34.  What did Mary ask of the angel?

a.  "Are you sure?"

b.  "How shall this be seeing I know not a man?"

c.  "Why has this pestilence been visited upon me?"

v35.  What did the angel tell her?

a.  "the Hold Spirit shall overshadow thee..."

b.  "The power of the Holy Spirit shall come upon thee and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee..."

c.  "The Holy Ghost shall come upon the and the power of the Highest shall overshadow thee..."

v36.  Who was Mary's cousin?

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Zacharias.

c.  John.

v36.  What month was Elisabeth in with her child?

a.  Third month.

b.  Sixth month.

c.  Eighth month.

v37.  "...with God _____."

a.  some things are  possible.

b.  a few things are possible.

c.  nothing shall be impossible.

v38.  Did Mary believe the angel before he left?

a.  Yes.

b.  No.

v39.  Where did Mary go when she left hastily?

a.  Nazareth.

b.  Into the hill country... into a city of Juda.

c.  Galilee.

v40  Whose house did she go to?

a.  Joseph's.

b.  Zacharias'.

c.  Her mother's.

v41.  What happened while Mary was visiting Elisabeth?

a.  The baby cried.

b.  John was born.

c.  Elisabeth was filled with the Holy Ghost.

v42.  Who spake out with a loud voice and said, "Blessed art thou among women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb."

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Mary.

c.  Gabriel.

v44.  Whose baby "leaped in the womb for joy" when Elisabeth heard the salutation of Mary?

a.  Mary's.

b.  Sarah's.

c.  Elisabeth's.

v45.  Who was blessed because they believed what the Lord had said would happen to her?

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Mary.

c.  Martha.

v46-47.  Who said, "My soul doth magnify the Lord, and my spirit hath rejoiced in God my Saviour."

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Mary.

c.  Martha.

v48.  Who had been "regarded of low estate" but "from henceforth all generations shall call... blessed"?

a.  Elisabeth.

b.  Martha.

c.  Mary.

v49.  How does Mary describe God?

a.  As "holy" and "mighty".

b.  As "holy".

c.  As "mighty".

v50.  What falls on them who fear God?

a.  Love.

b.  Patience.

c.  Mercy.

v51  How did God show strength?

a.  With his miracles.

b.  With his arms.

c.  With his hands.

v52.  What happened to the mighty?

a.  Scattered.

b.  Exalted on high.

c.  Put down from their seats.

v53.  Who was filled with good things?

a.  The hungry.

b.  The poor.

c.  The haughty.

v54.  who was "holpen" in remembrance of God's mercy?

a.  His servant, John.

b.  His servant, Israel.

c.  His servant, Zacharias.

v55.  Who was spoken to?

a.  Our fathers and Abraham.

b.  Abraham and his seed.

c.  Our father, to Abraham, and to his seed.

v56.  How long did Mary abide with Elisabeth?

a.  Two weeks.

b.  About three months.

c.  Six months.

v57.  What happened to Elisabeth at her full time?

a.  She had twins.

b.  She had a son.

c.  She had a daughter.

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