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John 13 Outline



Jesus Washes The Disciple’s Feet. (vv.1-11)

• These events occur before the feast of the Passover. (v.1)
• Jesus knew that the time of His death was at hand. (v.1)
• After supper, the devil had put into the heart of Judas to betray Jesus. (v.2)
• Jesus rises from the table and lays His garments aside and girds Himself with a towel. (v.4)
• He then pours water into a basin and begins washing the disciple’s feet and drying them with a the towel that He is wearing. (v.5)
• Peter asks the Lord why He is washing his feet. (v.6)
• Jesus says that what He is doing they don’t understand now but they will later. (v.7)
• Peter does not want Christ to wash his feet but Jesus says that if He doesn’t wash his feet, then Peter has no part with Him. (v.8)
• Peter basically says, "If you’re going to wash my feet why not wash my hands and head also.". (v.9)
• Jesus points out that only Peter’s feet need washed. (v.10)
• But Jesus says that they are not all clean because He knew who would betray Him. (vv.10-11)

Jesus Explains Why He Washed Their Feet. (vv.12-17)

• Jesus gets dressed and then asks if they know what He had done to them. (v.12)
• Jesus says that they call Him "Master" and "Lord" and rightly so. If then He is willing to wash their feet, shouldn’t they be willing to humble themselves and was one another’s feet. (vv.13,14)
• He says that He has given them an example that they should follow and that the servant is not greater than the Lord. (vv.16,17)
• Jesus says that they will be happy if they know these things and do them. (v.17)

Judas Is Identified As The One Who Would Betray Jesus. (vv.18-30)

• Jesus says that He is not speaking of all of them but He knows that one will betray Him. (v.18)
• Jesus says that the Scriptures must be fulfilled regarding His betrayal - Psalm 41:9. (v.18).
• He says that He is telling His disciples before the event comes so that they will believe when it does happen. (v.19)
• Jesus is troubled in His spirit and says that one of them will betray Him. (v.21)
• The disciples wonder who will be the one to betray Jesus. They ask "the disciple whom Jesus loved" to ask Jesus who would betray Him. (vv.22-24)
• Jesus tells them that the one to whom He gives a sop will betray Him. He gives the sop to Judas Iscariot. (v.26)
• It is said that after the sop, Satan entered into Judas. (v.27)
• Jesus tells Judas, "That thou doest, do quickly". (v.27)
• The other disciples don’t understand why Jesus said this to Judas. They think that Jesus wanted Judas to go and buy things need for the feast or give to the poor. (vv.28,29)
• Judas went out immediately and it was night. (v.30)

A New Commandment. (vv.31-35)

• Jesus says that now the Son of Man is glorified and that God is glorified in Him. (v.31)
• He tells them that He is only with them for a little while longer and that they shall seek Him but that where He is, they cannot come. (v.33)
• A New Commandment: "That ye love one another, as I have loved you...". (v.34)
• He says that men will know that they are His disciples if they love one another. (v.35)

Peter’s Remarks. (vv.36-38)

• Peter wants to know where Jesus is going. (v.36)
• Jesus says that Peter cannot follow Him now but afterwards he will. (v.36)
• Peter says that he will lay down his life for Jesus. (v.37)
• Jesus informs Peter that he will betray Him three times before the cock crows. (v.38)

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