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John 9 Outline and fill in the blanks



Jesus Heals a Blind Man (vv.1-7).

While passing by, Jesus sees a man who is blind from birth. (v.1)
Jesus disciples want to know if this man or his parents had sinned to cause him to be blind. Jesus said that he was blind so that the works of God should be made manifest in him. (vv.2,3).
Jesus says that He is the light of the world (v.5).
Jesus spits on the ground and makes clay of the spittle and anoints the man's eyes (v.6).
He tells the man to go and wash in the pool of Siloam. The man washes and comes forth seeing (v.7).
Siloam means "Sent."  (v.7)

The Neighbors of the Blind Man (vv.8-12).

The neighbors aren't sure that this is the same man who had sat and begged (v.8).
Some say he is the same man and others say that he is just like him (v.9).
They ask how his eyes were opened (v.10).
He tells them of Jesus and how he was healed. They ask where Jesus is and he did not know (vv.11,12).

He is Brought Before the Pharisees (vv.13-17).

The bring the man who use to be blind before the Pharisees (v.13).
The blind man had been healed on the Sabbath day.
Some of the Pharisees say that Jesus can not be of God because He does not keep the sabbath. Others ask, "How can a man that is a sinner do such miracles?" (v.16).
Thus, there was a division among the Pharisees (v.16).
The Pharisees as the man what He has to say of Jesus and he says that, "He is a prophet." (v.17).


The Pharisees Speak to the Man's Parents (vv.18-23).

The Pharisees still don't believe so they talk to the man's parents (v.18).
The Pharisees ask, "Is this your son, who ye say was born blind? How then doth he now see?" (v.29). In other words, they are doubting that he was born blind at all.
His parents answer that they know he is their son and that he was born blind but they don't know how he can now see (vv.20,21).
The parents say that their son is old enough and that the Pharisees should ask him themselves (v.21).
His parents fear the Jews because they know that if anyone confesses Christ, they will be thrown out of the synagogue. That is why they do not answer the Pharisee's question. (vv.22,23).


The Pharisees Question the Man Who was Healed (vv.24-34).

The Pharisees tell the healed man to give God the praise for his healing because Jesus is a sinner (v.24).
The man answers that whether Jesus was a sinner or not, he knows that he was blind and now he sees (v.25).
They ask again, How Jesus healed him (v.26). They had already asked this question (v.15).
The man says that he had already told them how he was healed. He asks why they want to hear again, Do they want to be Jesus disciples? (v.27).
The Jews tell him that he is Jesus disciple but they are Moses' disciples (v.28). They knew God had spoke to Moses but they did not know from whence Jesus was (v.29).
The man mocks them and says that it is a marvelous thing. They do not know from whence Jesus is and yet Jesus had healed him (v.30).
The man argues that Jesus must be from God because he had healed him (vv.31-33).
The Pharisees are insult the man and say that he was born in sin and they cast him out (v.34).


Jesus Receives the Man Whom He Healed (vv.35-41).

Jesus finds the man and asks him if he believes on the Son of God (v.35).
The healed man asks who the Son of God is that he might believe on him (v.36).
Jesus tells him that it is he who is talking with him (v.37).
The man says that he believes and worships Jesus (v.38).
Jesus draws a parallel between the healed man and His ministry (v.39-41).
    - The man was blind but now could see. Both physically and spiritually.
    - The Pharisees thought that they could see, therefore, their sin remained. They would not admit that they were blind.

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