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Q1About how many men did Jesus feed in John 6? (6:10)





Q2In John 6, when the disciples were rowing toward Capernaum, how far had they rowed when Jesus came to them? (6:19)

20-25 furlongs.

25-30 furlongs.

30-35 furlongs.


Q3In John 4, Jesus heals the son of a nobleman. Where was his son located? (4:46)


Cana of Galilee.


Q4Messiah, being interpreted is what? (1:41)

The Christ.

The Stone.

The Savior.


Q5In John 2, how long did the Jews say the temple had been in building? (2:20)

36 years.

46 years.

56 years.


Q6John 6:55 reads; "For my ____ is meat indeed, and my _____ is drink indeed."

Bread, Wine.

Word, Spirit.

Flesh, Blood.

Q7Who said, "Lord to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life." (6:68)



The Samaritan Woman.


Q8According to John 7:13, why did no one speak openly of Jesus?

They did not believe on Him.

They feared Jesus.

They feared the Jews.


Q9In what city is the pool called Bethesda? (5:2)

Cana of Galilee.



Q10How many days did Jesus stay at Sychar? (4:43)

2 days.

2 months.

3 days.


Q11Which one of these groups is not mentioned as being in the temple when Jesus cleansed it in chapter 2? (2:14)

Those that sold oxen.

Changers of money.

Those who practiced divination.

Q12How many baskets of fragments were collected after Jesus fed the 5,000 in John 6? (6:13)





Q13John 5:28 reads, "Marvel not at this: for the ____ is coming, in the which all that are in the graves shall hear his voice."





Q14In John 3, a question arose between some of John the baptist's disciples and the Jews.  What was that question about? (3:25)

The keeping of the Sabbath.


The Law.


Q15Where was John the Baptist baptizing in John 1? (1:28)

Aenon near to Salim.

The Jordon river.

Bethabara beyond Jordan.

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