Genesis - Chapter 37 Questions

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Q1.  In which land did Jacob dwell? (v1)


The land wherein his father was a stranger.



Q2.  At the age of 17, what kind of report did Joseph bring to his father concerning the sons of Bilhah and Zilpah. (v2)

A good report.

An excellent report.

An evil report.


Q3.  Why did Israel love Joseph more than all his children? (v3)

Because he was the son of his old age.

Because he was the son of Rachel.

Because he was the son of Rebekah.


Q4.  When his brethren saw that their father loved Joseph more than them, what was true about their actions? (v4)

They hated him.

They could not speak peaceably unto him.

Both A and B.


Q5.  When Joseph told his brethren about his dream, how did they feel about him? (v5-6)

They hated him.

They hated him yet the more.

They began to love him.


Q6.  In Joseph’s dream, what were he and his family binding? (v7)

Sheaves of wheat.

Sheaves of barley.



Q7.  For what did Joseph’s brothers hate him yet the more? (v8)

His dreams and for his words.

His dreams.

His words.


Q8.  In Joseph’s second dream, what made obeisance to him? (v9)

The suns and moon 12 stars.

The sun and moon and 11 stars.

The suns, moons, and stars.


Q9.  After Joseph told his second dream to his brethren and father, who rebuked him? (v10)

His father.

His brethren.

Both A and B.


Q10.  Although his father rebuked Joseph regarding his second dream and his brethren envied him, what else did Israel do? (v11)

Punished him.

Sent him away.

Observed the saying.


Q11.  Where were the brethren feeding the flock when Joseph was sent to them? (v12-13)





Q12.  From where was Joseph sent when he came to Shechem? (v14)



Vale of Hebron.


Q13.  Who found Joseph wandering in the field? (v15)

A certain man.




Q14.  Where had Joseph’s brothers gone when they had moved the flocks from Shechem? (v17)





Q15.  Who delivered Joseph from the hands of his brethren that wanted to kill him? (v21-22)





Q16.  From where were the Ishmaelites coming? (v25)





Q17.  What were the Ishmaelites NOT carrying? (v25)

Gold and frankincense.


Spicery and balm.


Q18.  Whose idea was it to sell Joseph to the Ishmaelites? (v26-27)





Q19.  Who else passed by the brethren? (v28)

A certain man.

Midianite merchantmen.

Abimelech and Ahuzzath.


Q20.  For how many pieces of silver was Joseph sold? (v28)

10 pieces.

20 pieces.

30 pieces.


Q21.  Who said, “The child is not; and I, whither shall I go?” (v30)





Q22.  In what kind of blood was Joseph’s coat dipped? (v31)

Goat’s blood.

Sheep’s blood.

A kid of the goats.


Q23.  What two men in this chapter rent their clothes? (v29,34)

Reuben and Judah.

Judah and Simeon.

Reuben and Jacob.


Q24.  Which statement is not true about Jacob? (v34)

Jacob rent his clothes.

Jacob rent his clothes and put on sackcloth and ashes.

Jacob put sackcloth upon his loins.


Q25.  Who rose up to comfort Jacob? (v35)

His daughters.

Some of his sons and all of his daughters.

All his sons and all his daughters.


Q26.  Who sold Joseph to Potiphar? (v36)

The Midianites.

The Ishmaelites.

His brethren.

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