Genesis - Chapter 31 Questions

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Q1.  Who said, ďOf that which was our fatherís hath he [Jacob] gotten all this gloryĒ? (v.1)

Labanís family.

Bethuelís family.

Labanís sons.


Q2.  What did Jacob behold regarding the countenance of Laban? (v.2)

It was wroth.

It was not toward him as before.

It had fallen.


Q3.  What did the Lord not say unto Jacob? (v.3)

Go into the land which I will show you.

Return unto the land of they fathers and to thy kindred.

I will be with thee.


Q4.  To where did Jacob call Rachel and Leah? (v.4)

His tent.

The house.

The field.


Q5.  Who did Jacob say had been with him? (v.5)

The God of my father.

The Lord God.

The God of Abraham and Isaac.


Q6.  How did Jacob say that he had served Laban? (v.6)

With all my strength.

With all my power.

With all my might.


Q7.  Although God had not suffered Laban to hurt Jacob, how many times had Laban changed Jacobsí wages? (v.7)





Q8.  If Laban said that the speckled cattle would be Jacobís wages, what did the cattle bear? (v.8)



Both A and B.


Q9.  What color were the rams in the dream that Jacob had when the cattle conceived? (v.10)

Ringstraked and speckled.


Both A and B.


Q10.  Which God came to Jacob and told him to arise, get thee out from this land, and return unto the land of thy kindred? (v.13)

The God of Bethel.

The God of Abraham.

The Lord God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.


Q11.  Leah and Rachel said that their father counted them as _______? (v.15)

Beloved daughters.




Q12.  Leah and Rachel said the the riches which God had taken from Laban were _______? (v.16)

Our childrenís.

Ours and our childrenís.

Yours and ours.


Q13.  Upon what animal did Jacob rise up and set his sons and wives? (v.17)





Q14.  While Laban was away shearing his sheep, what did Rachel steal that were her fatherís? (v.19)





Q15.  When Jacob fled from Laban the Syrian, what did HE steal? (v.20)


Away unawares.

Cattle and goods.


Q16.  Jacob fled with all that he had, passed over the river, and set his face toward what mount? (v.21)





Q17.  Upon what day was Laban told that Jacob had fled? (v.22)





Q18.  Who did Laban take with him when he pursued Jacob and overtook him in the mount Gilead? (v.23)

His kindred.

His sons.

His brethren.


Q19.  God came to Laban the Syrian in a dream and told him to speak not to Jacob _________? (v.24)



Either good or bad.


Q20.  Where did Laban pitch his tent when he overtook Jacob while Jacob had pitched his tent in the mount? (v.25)

In the mount of Gilead.

On the plain of Sodom.

In the valley.


Q21.  To what did Laban compare his daughters when he asked Jacob why he had stolen them away unawares? (v.26)

Strangers in a strange land.

Captives taken with the sword.

Graceful does of Padanaram.


Q22.  With what did Laban NOT say he would have sent them away? (v.27)

Mirth and songs.

Much cattle and goods.

Tabret and harp.


Q23.  Because Jacob had not suffered Laban to kiss ďmy sons and my daughetersĒ, Laban told him that he had done _____________? (v.28)



Neither good nor bad.


Q24.  Which God kept Laban from doing hurt to Jacob? (v.29)

The God of Abraham.

The God of Isaac.

The God of your father.


Q25.  For what reason did Laban say Jacob had left? (v.30)

Thou sore longedst after they fatherís house.

Thou covetest my images.

Thou envied me my cattle and my goods.


Q26.  Jacob said he stole away for what reason? (v.31)

He was afraid that Laban would peradventure take his daughters back.

He was afraid that Laban would peradventure take all his cattle and flocks.

He was afraid; peradventure Laban would take by force his daughters.


Q27.  Because Jacob did not know that Rachel had stolen the ďgodsĒ, he said that with whomsoever had them should not _________? (v.32)





Q28.  In what had Rachel hidden the images? (v.34)

The camelís saddle.

In her tent.

In the camelís furniture.


Q29.  What was Rachelís excuse for not arising before her father? (v.35)

I have saddle sores..

I am about to give birth..

The custom of women is upon me..


Q30.  What did Jacob do with Laban because he was wroth? (v.36)

Strove with him mightily.

Chode with him.

Argued with him.


Q31.  What did Jacob call his possessions? (v.37)

My stuff.

My goods and my household.

My household and my person.


Q32.  For the 20 years that Jacob had been with Laban, what misfortunes had Jacob NOT absorbed for Laban or averted? (v.38-39)

The ewes and she goats had not cast their young; he did not eat the rams.

The death of the herds from famine.

He bare the loss of what was torn by beasts, stolen by day or stolen by night.


Q33.  Besides Jacob bearing the drought consuming him and the frost by night, what other adverse condition did he endure? (v.40)

He was afflicted with 2 wives.

His sons departed from his influence.

Sleep departed from his eyes.


Q34.  If God had not reprimanded Laban, Jacob said that Laban would have sent him away in what condition? (v.42)





Q35.  What did Laban NOT claim as his? (v.43)

Daughters and children.

Sons and brethren.

Cattle and all that thou seeest.


Q36.  What did Laban and Jacob make? (v.44-46)

An altar and a covenant.

A heap and an altar.

A covenant and a heap.


Q37.  What name was the heap NOT called? (v.47-49)



Mizpah and Galeed.


Q38.  Who bore witness between Jacob and Laban that Jacob was not to afflict Labanís daughters or marry other wives besides them? (v.50)

Labanís brethren.

The sons and daughters.



Q39.  For what reason did Jacob and Laban agree not to pass beyond the pillar into each otherís territory? (v.52)



Any reason at all.


Q40.  Which patriarch(s) is/are NOT mentioned in this verse? (v.53)

Nahor and Jacob.

Bethuel and Esau.

Abraham and Isaac.


Q41.  How long did they tarry in the mount after Jacob offered sacrifice upon it? (v.54)

All day.

All the evening.

All night.


Q42.  At what time did Laban rise up, kiss his sons and daughters, bless them and depart to return to his place? (v.55)

Early in the morning.

Early the next day.

At the third hour.

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