Genesis Chapters 1 & 2 Outline

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1&2 - Creation and Beginnings



Chapter 1:1 to Chapter 2:3 - Creation

Chapter 2:4-25 - Creation restated


Outline of The Creation 1:1-2:3

A. In the beginning 1:1-2

(1) Condition of the earth 

(a) without form and void v2
(b) darkness upon the face of the deep v2
(c) Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters v2

B. Creation day by day

(1) 1st day - Light created v3-5

(a) Let there be light v3
(b) divided light from darkness v4
(c) evening and morning v5

(2) 2nd day - Firmament created and divided the waters v6-8

(3) 3rd day - Dry land & vegetation v6-13

(4) 4th day - Sun, moon & stars v14-19

(5) 5th day - Sea creatures & birds v20-23

(6) 6th day - Land creatures & man v24-31 - 2:7-25

(a) cattle, creeping things and beast after their kind v24-25
(b) man
(i) made in the image of God - Two Elements v26-27
(1) dust of the ground 2:7
(2) in our image 1:26
(ii) given instructions from God v26-31; 2:7-20
(1) have dominion over all vs26, 28
(2) replenish the earth and subdue it v28
(3) dress and keep the garden 2:15
(4) eat of every tree except the tree of the knowledge of good and evil 2:16-17
(5) give names to the creatures 2:19-20
(iii) no helpmeet found for Adam v2:20
(1) Eve formed from the rib of Adam v21-22
(2) called woman because taken out of man v23
(3) leave and cleave v24
(4) naked and not ashamed v25

(7) 7th day - God rested 2:1-6

(a) no rain v5
(b) only mist v6

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