Rightly Dividing - Lesson 6

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Figures used in the Word

by Don Treadway, February 2000


Comparison that is always possible

Matthew 13:10

II Samuel 12:1-6

Luke 20-19:9



A story attributing human traits to non humans to teach a truth

Judges 9:6-21

II Kings14:8-10



Something is like something else

Isaiah 29:8

Luke 7:32



A drawn out simile that is made up of similes not woven into a story and contains it's own explanation

Matthew 7:24-27

Psalms 90:4-6



A simile without a comparison (not like but is)

Luke 13:31-32

Matthew 26:2628



A figurative story with an implied meaning (neither like or is but implied)

Eccl. 12:2-6

Ephesians 6:1117


Metonymy of the cause

(Using one name for another) cause stands for the effect

Ephesians 4:20



Metonymy of the effect

Cause is stated but the effect is meant

Matthew 13:37, 38

Deut. 30:15


Metonymy of the subject

The subject is named but some property or circumstance is intended

Luke 2:19

Genesis 4:11

Matthew 25:31-40

Acts 1:18


Metonymy of the adjunct

The abstract of something is mentioned when the subject itself is meant

Job 32:7

Romans 3:30



Either the whole is used for a part or a part is mentioned for the whole

Acts 24:5

Luke 2:1



A concise sentence containing a often repeated valuable lesson

Matthew 24:32

II Peter 2:22



One thing is said while another is meant

I Kings 18:27

Acts 2:13


A taunt or cutting jest

Matthew 28:29

Mark 15:31, 32



An exaggeration for emphasis sake

Numbers 13:33

Ephesians 3:8



Objects or animals are said to act like or feel like a human

Matthew 6:34
Jeremiah 46:9,10



Opposites in the same sentence

Matthew 5:21, 27, 33, etc.

Matthew 25:46



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