Mark - Chapter 3 Questions

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1. As Jesus entered into the synagogue again, he saw a man having which affliction? (v.1)
A. leprosy
B. a withered hand
C. palsy
2. Upon which day was it that Jesus saw the man with the withered hand? (v.2)
A. the next day
B. the day after the next
C. the Sabbath day
3. What was the first thing that Jesus said to the man with the withered hand? (v.3)
A. "Stand forth."
B. "What wilt thou have me to do for you?"
C. "Thy sins be forgiven thee."
4. Jesus asked, "Is it lawful to do good on the Sabbath days, or to do evil? to save life or _______________?" (v.4)
A. to destroy
B. to take life
C. to kill
5. Jesus looked upon those at the synagogue with anger, being grieved for ________________________. (v.5)
A. the hypocrisy of their sayings
B. the hardness of their hearts
C. their lack of compassion
6. With whom did the Pharisees straightway take counsel against Jesus?
A. the scribes
B. the Herodians
C. the Sadducees
7. When Jesus withdrew himself and his disciples to the sea, from where was the great multitude which followed them? (v.7, 8)
A. Galilee, Judaea, Jerusalem, Idumaea, beyond Jordan, about Tyre and Sidon
B. Galilee, Judaea, and Jerusalem
C. Jerusalem, Idumaea, beyond Jordan, about Tyre and Sidon
8. Why did the great multitude from all those 7 areas come unto him? (v.8)
A. He spoke with authority and not as one of the scribes.
B. He spake as the oracles of God.
C. They heard what great things he did.
9. Why did Jesus want a small ship to "wait" on him? (v.9)
A. So the multitude would not throng him
B. To avoid the press
C. Because he desired to sail at even
10. Jesus healed many, and many of them had plagues. Why did they "press upon him." (v.10)
A. So that they might see him
B. For to touch him
C. So that they might touch the hem of his garment
11. Who fell down before him and cried out to Jesus, "Thou are the Son of God." (v.11)
A. Simon Peter
B. the man with many devils
C. unclean spirits
12. What did Jesus do to these unclean spirits? (v.12)
A. straitly charged them that they should not make him known
B. cast them out
C. destroyed them
13. Where did Jesus go to call "unto him whom he would"? (v.13)
A. a desert place
B. the wilderness
C. a mountain
14. How many did Jesus ordain? (v.14)
A. 70
B. 12
C. 9
15. Besides sending the 12 out to preach, what did Jesus give them power to do? (v.15)
A. heal sicknesses
B. cast out devils
C. both A and B
16. What surname did Jesus give to Simon? (v.16)
A. Peter
B. Cephas
C. Petros
17. James the son of Zebedee and John the brother of James were given the surname of Boanerges. What is meaning of this surname? (v.17)
A. sons of Zebedee
B. sons of thunder
C. sons of God
18. The other Simon who was NOT surnamed Peter, was called by what name in the book of Mark? (v.18)
A. Simon the Zealot
B. Simon the Sorcerer
C. Simon the Canaanite
19. After being called on the mountain, into what did Jesus and the disciples go? (v.19)
A. an house
B. a ship
C. the synagogue
20. What could Jesus and his disciples NOT do because of the number of people around the house? (v.20)
A. sleep
B. talk
C. eat bread
21. When Jesus' friends heard how many people were around, what did they say when they went out to lay hold on him? (v.21)
A. "He teaches with authority."
B. "He is beside himself."
C. "He hath Beelzebub."
22. Whose power did the scribes from Jerusalem say Jesus was using to cast out devils? (v.22)
A. the prince of the devils'
B. God's
C. John the Baptist's
23. If divided against itself, Satan, a kingdom, or a house cannot ______________________? (v.23-26)
A. fall
B. endure
C. stand
24. Jesus said that "all sins shall be forgiven" of what group of people? (v . 28)
A. sons of men
B. sons of God
C. men
25. The person that would blaspheme the Holy Ghost is in danger of what result? (v.29)
A. hellfire
B. eternal damnation
C. everlasting punishment
26. What had the scribes said that put them in danger of eternal damnation? (v.30)
A. "He hath an unclean spirit."
B. "He is beside himself."
C. "We never saw it on this fashion."
27. Who came and stood without the house? (v.31)
A. Jesus' brethren and mother
B. Jesus' father and mother
C. Jesus' brother, sister, and mother
28. Jesus said that "whosoever shall do the will of God", is ________? (v.35)
A. my brother and my mother
B. my brother and my sisters
C. my brother, and my sister, and my mother

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