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This page contains the the study questions and schedule used by the Alkire Rd teen class to study for the Luke Bible Bowl.

February 6 
February 13 
February 20 
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April 2 

Chapters 1 - 5
Chapters 6 - 10
Chapters 11 - 14
Oral Quiz Chapter 1 - 14
Chapters 15 - 19
Chapters 20- 24
Oral Quiz Chapters 15 - 24
Oral Quiz Whole Book

Thanks to Steve Moser for providing the word processing document this page came from.  
He says, "I came up with some of the questions but most of them I just typed in."
Here they are...

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LUKE Chapter 1 - Study Luke 1 at or review Luke at

  1. Luke was written to?
  2. What was to be set in order?
  3. What was used to set things in order? 
  4. From the beginning, some were what?
  5. What type of understanding did the writer have?
  6. What was the purpose of writing to Theophilis?
  7. Who was the king of Judea at this time?  
  8. A certain priest named was who? 
  9. Zacharias was of the lineage (family line) of whom? 
  10. Zacharias' wife was who?  
  11. She (Zacharias' wife) was of the daughters of who? (or who was her dad?) 
  12. Before God, they (Zacharias & his wife) were what? 
  13. How did Zacharias and Elizabeth live (walk)?
  14. Why did they (Zacharias & his wife) have no children?
  15. What was their (Zacharias & his wife) age described as?
  16. What was Zacharias' job? 
  17. What was Zacharias' lot?
  18. Who was praying outside when Zacharias was inside the temple of the Lord?
  19. At what time were the people praying in Question #18?
  20. Who appeared to Zacharias when he was inside the temple of the Lord?
  21. Where was the angel (in question #20) standing?
  22. What did Zacharias feel when he saw the angel (in question #20)?
  23. What problem did Zacharias have after he left the temple of the Lord?
  24. What did the angel (in question #20) say to Zacharias?
  25. How did the angel (in question #20) tell Zacharias and Elizabeth to feel towards this child?
  26. How did the angel (in question #20) say that many would do at his birth?
  27. What did the angel (in question #20) tell them to name the child?
  28. What was the name of this angel (in question #20)?
  29. This child (in question #27) would be great in whose sight?
  30. He, John (in question #27) was not to drink what?
  31. He, John, was to be filled with the Holy Ghost, even from where?
  32. Who would he (John) turn to the Lord, their God?
  33. What was the name of Johns' six-month younger cousin?
  34. How much older was John than Jesus?
  35. What city did Zacharias & Elizabeth live?
  36. What event happened when Elizabeth first heard Mary's voice?
  37. All generations will call whom blessed?
  38. What was Zacharias able to do after his son had been born and was named John?
  39. The birth of John fulfilled part of the oath God had swore to whom?


LUKE Chapter 2 - Study Luke 2 at or review Luke at

  1. Who was Caesar Augustus? 
  2. Who made a decree that the world should be taxed?
  3. Who was the governor of Syria when the first taxing was made?
  4. Who was Cyrenius/Qyrenius? 
  5. Where did everyone have to go to be registered?
  6. Why did Joseph go to the city of David?
  7. The city of David was called what?
  8. What region did Joseph & Mary live in? 
  9. What city did Joseph & Mary live in? 
  10. Joseph was from the house and lineage of whom? 
  11. Mary was about to do what on the trip to Bethlehem?
  12. When baby Jesus was born, what did they wrap him in?
  13. Where was the child laid?
  14. Who was in the same country, watching their flocks, when Jesus was born?
  15. At what time were the shepherds watching their flocks?
  16. Who appeared to the shepherds in the fields? 
  17. What was the message of the angel of the Lord?
  18. In what city was Jesus born? 
  19. What was the sign that the angel gave to the shepherds?
  20. What appeared with the angel? What were they doing?  What were they saying?
  21. After the angel left, where did the shepherds go?
  22. The shepherds came to Bethlehem with what?
  23. When the shepherds found Joseph and Mary, where was the child laid?
  24. What is a manger?
  25. At the time, did many people know of the birth of Jesus?
  26. Where did Mary keep & ponder all these things that happened?
  27. How old did a male child have to be before he was circumcised?
  28. After the baby was circumcised, what was he named?  Who gave the child his name? When was his name given? 
  29. Mary was purified according to the law of? 
  30. According to Luke 2, how long did Mary's purification take?
  31. After Jewish parents had their firstborn son, what was to be the sacrifice?
  32. What was Joseph & Mary's sacrifice? 


LUKE Chapter 3 - Study Luke 3 at or review Luke at

  1. Which Caesar was reigning when John began preaching?
  2. Who was governor of Judaea when John began preaching?
  3. What was Herod’s title? 
  4. Who was Herod’s brother? 
  5. What was Herod’s brothers title?
  6. Who were High priests when John began to preach? 
  7. Where did John first preach? 
  8. What did John preach?
  9. What book of the Bible prophesied about John’s coming?
  10. What was prophesied would happen to every mountain and hill? 
  11. What was prophesied would happen to the crooked?
  12. What was prophesied would happen to the rough? 
  13. What kind of generation did John call the multitude that came forth to be baptized? 
  14. What did John say would happen to every tree that did not bring forth good fruit?
  15. What did John tell the publicans that they should do?
  16. What did John tell the soldiers that they should go?
  17. John said to the people that one mightier than he would come and baptize them how? 
  18. What did John say would be in Jesus' hand when he comes? 
  19. Where did John say that Jesus would gather the wheat?
  20. What did John say Jesus would do with the chaff when he comes? 
  21. Who was Philip’s wife? 
  22. Where did Herod put John?


LUKE Chapter 4 - Study Luke 4 at or review Luke at

  1. Where did the spirit lead Jesus after he was baptized?
  2. How long was Jesus tempted by the devil? 
  3. What did the devil tell Jesus to do with a stone?
  4. Where did the devil take Jesus to show him all the kingdoms? 
  5. Where did the devil take Jesus and tell him to throw himself down? 
  6. After the devil tempted Jesus he departed from him for how long? 
  7. Where did Jesus go next after being tempted by the devil? 
  8. Where had Jesus been brought up? 
  9. When Jesus returned to the synagogue in Nazareth after being tempted what book was delivered to him?
  10. What did those in the synagogue say about Jesus after he told them that the scriptures were being fulfilled in their ears? 
  11. What proverb did Jesus repeat to those in the synagogue after they accused him of just being Joseph’s son?
  12. Jesus said the heaven was shut-up how long when a great famine was throughout the land? 
  13. Where was Elias sent during the famine? 
  14. Who did Elias see in the city of Sa-rep’ta of Sidom?
  15. What leaper was cleansed in Israel during the time of E-l-i-seus the prophet? 
  16. What country was Na-aman from?
  17. What did those of the synagogue of Nazareth plan to do to Jesus after they were filled with wrath?
  18. How did Jesus get away from those at Nazareth that wanted to throw him down the hill? 
  19. Where did Jesus go after leaving Nazareth? 


LUKE CHAPTER 5 - Study Luke 5 at or review Luke at

  1. Why did the people press upon Jesus? 
  2. Where was Jesus standing?
  3. How many ships did Jesus see? 
  4. What were the fishermen doing?
  5. Whose ship did Jesus enter?
  6. What did Jesus ask Simon to do?
  7. What two things did Jesus do from the ship? 
  8. After Jesus was left speaking, what did he ask Simon to do? 
  9. How long did Simon say they had toiled? 
  10. How much fish did they catch after Jesus was with them?
  11. How many ships were filled? 
  12. What was Simon’s confession? 
  13. How did Simon feel about the draught of fishes caught? 
  14. Who were Simon’s partners? 
  15. Who was James & John’s father? 
  16. Jesus said to Simon “Fear not, from henceforth thou shalt _____"
  17. What did the fishermen do when they brought their ships to land? 
  18. Who fell on his face when he saw Jesus? 
  19. What did he want Jesus to do?
  20. What did Jesus do to the leper? 
  21. What were the three things Jesus charged the leper to do?
  22. Where did Jesus go to pray? 
  23. Where were the Pharisees and doctors from who came to hear Jesus? 
  24. Who was let down through the ceiling to be healed?
  25. With what words did Jesus heal him?
  26. Who said Jesus was speaking blasphemies? 
  27. What did Jesus have power to do on earth?
  28. What did Jesus tell the palsy man to do?
  29. What was the publican’s name? 
  30. Where was he setting?
  31. Who attended the great feast?
  32. Who murmured about the company Jesus was with at the feast?
  33. Who did Jesus say did not need a physician?
  34. Who did Jesus call to repentance?
  35. Whose disciples fast often?
  36. What did Jesus’ disciples do?
  37. When would Jesus disciples fast? 
  38. What parable did Jesus speak in Chapter 5? 
  39. How many verses are in Chapter 5? 


LUKE CHAPTER 6 - Study Luke 6 at or review Luke at

  1. What vegetable did Jesus’ disciples eat on the Sabbath that was denounced as being unlawful by the Pharisees? 
  2. On what day did this occur? 
  3. What Old Testament character did Jesus refer to regarding eating the showbread from the house of God?
  4. Under Old Testament law, who was allowed to eat the showbread?
  5. Who is Lord of the Sabbath?
  6. Which hand was withered on the man healed by Jesus? 
  7. On what day of the week did Jesus heal this man? 
  8. What emotion did the Scribes and Pharisees show after this healing?
  9. What did Jesus do prior to choosing his 12 Apostles?
  10. Name the twelve apostles? 
  11. Simon, also called?
  12. James, the son of  (not John’s brother)?
  13. Simon, also called  (not Andrew’s brother)?
  14. Judas, the brother of _____?
  15. What label was given to Judas Iscariot in Luke 6:16? 
  16. Great multitudes of people came to hear Jesus from Judaea and Jerusalem and from the sea coast of  and _____?
  17. When the multitudes touched Jesus and as a result they were healed, what went out from Jesus? 
  18. “Blessed are ye that hunger now: For ye shall be _____ .“
  19. “Woe unto you that are rich! For ye have received your _____”
  20. “Woe unto you that are full! For ye shall _____”
  21. “Woe unto you that  now! For ye shall mourn & weep”?
  22. “But I say unto you which hear, _____ your enemies, do good to them which _____ you”?
  23. If someone takes our cloak what should we not forbid him to take?
  24. If you love your enemies, and do good, and lend, hoping for nothing again …… “And ye shall be the children of the _____”?
  25. “_____ not, and ye shall not be _____ ;  not, and ye shall not be ; _____ and ye shall be .”
  26. If we “Give”, how shall it be given unto us? 
  27. What shall be used to measure what we receive? 
  28. When we see a “Mote” in our brother’s eye, what should we see in our own eye? 
  29. In order to see clearly to pull out the mote that is in our brother’s eye, what must we do first?
  30. “For every tree is known by his own ”?
  31. “For out of the abundance of the heart his _ speaketh”?
  32. Describe the man who built his house on a foundation of rock?
  33. What elements prevailed upon the house?


LUKE CHAPTER 7 - Study Luke 7 at or review Luke at

  1. Where did the centurion live whose servant Jesus healed? 
  2. How did the centurion, whose servant was about to die, contact Jesus? 
  3. What two reasons did the elders of the Jews give for asking Jesus to heal the centurion’s servant?
  4. Who did the centurion send to meet Jesus as he was coming near his house? 
  5. Jesus said to those with him about the centurion, that he had not seen so great a faith in what area?
  6. What city did Jesus visit next after leaving Capernaum?
  7. How long after healing the centurion servant did Jesus go into the city of Nain?
  8. Where did Jesus meet the widow with here dead son?
  9. What was the first recorded comments that Jesus said to the widow whose son was dead? 
  10. How many sons did the widow have?
  11. What did Jesus do that caused those who were carrying the dead son to stand still?
  12. When Jesus caused the dead son to arise, what words did he use to identify the son?
  13. When John the Baptist heard of the miracles of Jesus, who did he send to Jesus to find out if he was the one they were expecting?
  14. Name four of the five conditions that Jesus cured with the people when John’s disciples came to see him?
  15. When Jesus asked the people about why they went out to see John he described something shaken in the wind. What was it? 
  16. Where do those live who are gorgeously appareled and live delicately?


LUKE CHAPTER 8 - Study Luke 8 at or review Luke at

  1. Who was the woman who had seven devils? 
  2. Who was Herod’s steward? 
  3. Who was Herod’s steward’s wife? 
  4. What three women had been healed of evil spirits?
  5. What two things happened to the seed that fell by the way side? 
  6. What happened to the seed that fell upon a rock?
  7. What happened to the seed that fell among thorns? 
  8. How much did the seed increase that was sown on good ground?
  9. What did the seed represent?
  10. Who takes the word of God from those represented by the seed on the way side? 
  11. What causes those to fall away that were represented by seed on the rock?
  12. What chokes those who are represented by the seed which fell among thorns? 
  13. Those represented by seed sown in good ground bring forth fruit how?
  14. What does a man not do when he lights a candle?
  15. Why could Jesus’ mother and brethren who came to see him not see him? 
  16. When Jesus was on the boat with his disciples what kind of storm came down on them?
  17. What country did Jesus and the disciples come to after crossing the lake?
  18. What area is the country of Gadarenes against?
  19. Where did the man with devils live? 
  20. What did the man with devils wear? 
  21. When the man with the devils had been caught, how was he kept bound? 
  22. What was the man with devils called?
  23. How did the herd of swine that ran into the lake die?
  24. When the people of the Gadarenes asked Jesus to leave how did he go? 
  25. Who came to see Jesus that was a ruler of the synagogue? 
  26. How many children did Jairus have?
  27. How old was Jairus’ daughter?
  28. Ho long had the woman had an issue of blood?
  29. How did the woman who had an issue of blood get healed?
  30. Who first answered Jesus when he said “who touched Me?”
  31. How did Jesus know somebody had touched him?
  32. Who went in with Jesus to the house of Jairus?
  33. When Jesus was told that the daughter was dead, what did he say?
  34. What did Jesus do to the girl besides say, “Maid, arise”?
  35. What did Jesus command them to do after she arose?


LUKE CHAPTER 9 - Study Luke 9 at or review Luke at

  1. What did Jesus give the twelve disciples power and authority for?
  2. What were the disciples sent to do?
  3. What were the disciples not to take on their journey?
  4. What were the disciples to do when they entered a house?
  5. What were the disciples to do if the people didn’t welcome them?
  6. Who did the people think Jesus was?
  7. When the disciples had returned from preaching the gospel and healing, where did Jesus take them? 
  8. What did Jesus do when the people found out where they were?
  9. When the day began to wear away what did the disciples want to do?
  10. What did Jesus want to do?
  11. How much food did they have?
  12. About how many people were there?
  13. How did Jesus organize the people? 
  14. How much food remained after they were all filled?
  15. Later on when Jesus was alone praying with his disciples, what did he ask them? 
  16. What did Jesus say they were not supposed to tell anyone?
  17. Who said, “The Son of man must suffer many things, and be rejected of the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be slain, and be raised the third day.”? 
  18. Fill in the blanks. “For whosoever shall be _____ of me and my words, of him shall the Son of man be .”
  19. What would some people not experience before they saw the kingdom of God?
  20. Where did Jesus go to pray eight days later?
  21. Who did Jesus take with him?
  22. What happened while Jesus was praying?
  23. Who began talking to him?
  24. What did they talk about? 
  25. What did Peter want to do as Moses and Elias were leaving?
  26. What happened while Peter was talking? 
  27. What came out of the cloud? 
  28. When did they come off the mountain?
  29. After Jesus came off the mountain, a man called him to look at his son. What was wrong with his son?
  30. How many other sons did the man have? 
  31. What provoked Jesus to say, “O faithless and perverse generation, how long shall I be with you and suffer you?”
  32. Who did Jesus say would be the greatest in the Kingdom?
  33. Who said, “Master, we saw one casting out devils in thy name; and we forbad him, because he followeth not with us.”?
  34. Why did the Samaritans not receive Jesus? 
  35. What did James and John want to do to the Samaritans because they wouldn’t receive Jesus?
  36. What did Jesus tell the man who said, “ Lord, I will follow thee whithersoever thou goest.”? 
  37. Who did Jesus say wasn’t fit for the kingdom of God?


LUKE CHAPTER 10 - Study Luke 10 at or review Luke at

  1. How many others were appointed by Jesus and sent into every city and place to carry out his mission? 
  2. How many did Jesus send in a group?
  3. Jesus said “The harvest truly is great, but the  are few”?
  4. Jesus said that the 70 would be sent froth as lambs among ?
  5. When the 70 went into a house what were they supposed to say? 
  6. What three things were the 70 not supposed to carry with them? 
  7. Jesus said “The laborer is worthy of his _____”?
  8. In the cities that received the 70, what were they supposed to eat? 
  9. In the cities that did not receive the 70, what were they supposed to do?
  10. What miracle did the 70 have the power to perform if the city received them? 
  11. What city did Jesus say it shall be more tolerable for, than for that city that did not receive the 70?
  12. What city was Jesus referring to when he said “and thou,  , which art exalted to heaven, shall be thrust down to hell”?
  13. The people that despised the 70, in turn despised Jesus, who in turn despised who?
  14. With what emotion did the 70 return to Jesus? 
  15. Who did Jesus say he “beheld as lightning fall from heaven”? 
  16. What did Jesus say the 70 should rejoice in (Hint: “names”)? 
  17. What two groups of people did Jesus say , they “have desired to see those things which ye see, and have not seen them; and to hear those things which ye hear, and have not heard"?
  18. Who did Jesus respond to with the story of the Good Samaritan, after he had tempted Jesus (hint: what profession)? 
  19. In the lawyer’s response to Jesus he said thou shalt love the Lord thy God … four ways (“With all thy ”). What are the four ways?
  20. Who was the good neighbor? A. Priest B. Levite C. Samaritan
  21. What two cities was the many who was robbed traveling from and to?
  22. The priest and Levite passed closely by the sounded man and possibly even touched him. True or False?
  23. What did the Samaritan pour on the man’s wounds?
  24. How much money did the Samaritan leave with the innkeeper? 
  25. What was Martha’s sisters name?
  26. When Mary was in the presence of Jesus where did she sit? 
  27. What did Martha complain to Jesus about?
  28. Who did the most needful thing, Mary or Martha?


LUKE Chapter 11 - Study Luke 11 at or review Luke at

  1. Jesus' disciple asked him to teach the disciples to pray like someone else
  2. had taught his disciples. Who was this? 
  3. In a parable, Jesus describes a man going to his friend for bread at what time?
  4. In this parable, how many loaves did the man ask of his friend?
  5. What excuses did the friend first give for not getting the bread?
  6. Jesus questioned those around him asking, "If a son shall ask for bread, will you give him _?
  7. Jesus questioned those around him asking, "If a son shall ask for fish , will you give him ?
  8. Jesus questioned those around him asking, "If a son shall ask for an egg, will you give him ?
  9. Some people accused Jesus of casting out devils through whom?
  10. Who was Beelzebub? 
  11. What part of God did Jesus say was with him as he cast out devils? 
  12. Jesus said, "he that is not with me is what?
  13. Jesus said when the unclean spirit is gone out of a man, where does he go?
  14. What does this unclean spirit seek?
  15. When the unclean spirit returns to enter the man he had originally come out of, how many other spirits does he take with him? 
  16. What kind of generation did Jesus tell the people around him that existed at that time? 
  17. The people asked for a sign, but Jesus said the only sign they would be given would be the sign of who?
  18. Who was Jonas a sign unto? 
  19. Who will rise up in the judgment with the men of this generation, and condemn them?
  20. Where did the queen of the south come from?
  21. Who did the queen of the south come to hear? 
  22. When a man has a lighted candle what two places does he not put it?
  23. Where does a man put a lighted candle? 
  24. What is the light of the body? 
  25. The Pharisee marveled at what when he invited Jesus to dine with him?
  26. Jesus said to the Pharisee "You make clean the outside of what?"
  27. Jesus said to the Pharisee, "Your inward part is full of _____" 
  28. What did Jesus tell the Pharisee to do that would make all things clean unto him? 
  29. What did Jesus say that the Pharisee would tithe?
  30. What did Jesus say that the Pharisee passed over?
  31. What two things did Jesus say the Pharisee's loved?
  32. Jesus said to the Pharisees "that they were as _____ which appear not?"
  33. Who else beside the Pharisees did Jesus reproach at the dinner of the Pharisee? 
  34. Jesus accused the lawyers of building what to their fathers? 
  35. Who did God say He would send that the people would slay and persecute?
  36. Jesus said "the blood of the prophets which was shed from  to _ would be required of this generation."
  37. Jesus accused the lawyers of taking away what? 


LUKE Chapter 12 - Study Luke 12 at or review Luke at

  1. Jesus used the term leaven of the Pharisees to refer to what?
  2. Jesus said "that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed where?
  3. Who did Jesus say we should fear?  
  4. Jesus said five sparrows are sold for how much?  
  5. Jesus said what are numbered? 
  6. If one would confess Jesus before men, before whom did Jesus say the Son of Man would confess this individual?
  7. What did Jesus say would not be forgiven?
  8. Jesus said "Take heed, and beware of _____?
  9. When Jesus related the parable of the certain rich man, how many times did the rich man refer to himself with the words "I" or "my"?
  10. When did God say he would require the soul of the certain rich man?
  11. Jesus told his disciples to take no thought of what things of their life?
  12. What neither sows nor reaps?
  13. Jesus asked if anyone could add how much to their stature? 
  14. What was Solomon in all his glory not arrayed like?
  15. Where is the grass, which today is in the field cast tomorrow?
  16. What did Jesus say we should seek instead of what we will eat or what we will drink? 
  17. What will not happen to a treasure in heaven? 
  18. What will be where your treasure is? 
  19. What will the Lord do for those who he finds watching for him when he comes?
  20. These servants will be especially blessed if the Lord comes in which watch? 
  21. When did Jesus say the Son of Man cometh?
  22. The servant who says in his heart that My Lord is delayed in coming may end up doing what? 
  23. The Lord will appoint this servant his portion with who?  
  24. Jesus said "I am come to send  on the earth?"
  25. Jesus said that people supposed that he came to give peace on earth. He said no, but rather he came to give_?
  26. Jesus said the father would be divided against who?
  27. Jesus said the mother-in-law would be divided against who?
  28. If people see a cloud rise out of the west what do they expect?
  29. If people see a south wind blow, what do they expect?
  30. If you go with your adversary to the magistrate, where might he send you next if you are not delivered from him?


LUKE Chapter 13 - Study Luke 13 at or review Luke at

  1. Pilate had mingled the blood of what group of people with their sacrifices?
  2. Jesus said "Nay; but, except ye repent, ye shall _____" 
  3. Upon how many did the tower of Siloam fall? 
  4. In the parable of the man with the fig tree, where did he plant it? 
  5. Who did the man with the fig tree tell to cut it down?
  6. How long did the man with the fig tree come seeking fruit before he told the dresser of the vineyard to cut it down? 
  7. What did the dresser of the vineyard say he would do, if he could leave it one more year?
  8. The woman which Jesus saw with a spirit of infirmity at the synagogue had the infirmity for how long? 
  9. What was the infirmity that this woman had? 
  10. Who was indignant because Jesus healed the woman with a spirit of infirmity on the Sabbath?
  11. What did Jesus call the ruler of the synagogue who criticized his healing of the woman with a spirit of infirmity? 
  12. Jesus described what animals that are lead to water on the Sabbath?
  13. When Jesus answered the ruler of the synagogue about why he had healed the woman with a spirit of infirmity, what attitude did they show?
  14. In describing the kingdom of heaven, Jesus compared it to a grain of what?
  15. Where did the man cast the grain of mustard seed?
  16. How did Jesus describe the birds that lodged in the branch of the mustard tree? 
  17. In describing the kingdom of heaven Jesus referred to leaven which a woman hid in how many measures of meal?
  18. What was Jesus' destination while he traveled through cities and villages in chapter 13? 
  19. When asked how many will be saved, Jesus responded by saying we must strive to enter in at what? 
  20. Jesus said that when ye stand at the door and knock and the master says that "I know you not" what did Jesus say we would answer that we have done in his presence?
  21. In the above example, where will we say the master has taught? 
  22. What kinds of workers will the master call us who knock?
  23. Jesus said we will do what when we find ourselves thrust out of the kingdom of God? 
  24. Who will we see in the kingdom of God that will cause us to be involved in weeping and gnashing of teeth?
  25. Where will those come from who sit down in the kingdom of God? 
  26. Who came telling Jesus that he needed to get out because Herod was going to kill him?
  27. What did Jesus call Herod in answer to the Pharisees that warned him? 
  28. Jesus told these Pharisees that he would be perfected on what day? 
  29. Who did Jesus say killest the prophets and stonest them that re sent unto thee?
  30. Where does a hen gather her brood?


LUKE Chapter 14 - Study Luke 14 at or review Luke at

  1. In chapter 14, whose house did Jesus go into to eat bread on the Sabbath?
  2. What kind of sickness did the man have who Jesus saw at the house of the Pharisee? 
  3. Who was Jesus talking to when he asked "Is it lawful to heal on the Sabbath? 
  4. What did Jesus say to the Pharisees and lawyers would happen to their ox or ass that would cause them to work on the Sabbath?
  5. In the parable about those who are bidden, what event does he describe?
  6. Where did Jesus tell them not to sit when bidden to a wedding?
  7. Where is one to go first when bidden to the wedding?
  8. What is one called by the man at the wedding feast?
  9. One who exalteth himself shall be?
  10. Who will be exalted? 
  11. Jesus said that when one makes a dinner who should you not call? 
  12. Jesus said, when you make a feast, who should you call?  
  13. Why will you be blessed if you invite the poor, the maimed, the lame and the blind to your feast?
  14. When will you be recompensed? 
  15. What three excuses were offered to the servant of the man who invited them to a great supper that he had prepared? 
  16. When the master of the house heard these excuses, where did he send his servant next?
  17. Who did he instruct his servant to bring to the great supper when he went into the streets and lanes of the city?
  18. Where did the master of the house send his servant a second time when he found that he still had room left at the great supper?
  19. How many of those that were first bidden to the supper tasted of it?
  20. To be Jesus' disciple, Jesus said that he must hate what 7 things? 
  21. Jesus said one must bear what to be his disciple?
  22. Jesus said we sit down and count the cost before building what?
  23. If one lay the foundation of a tower, but then does not have enough money to finish it, what will others do to him?
  24. Before going to make war, a king sits down and consults whether his  will be able to meet  that cometh against him?
  25. Who will the king send if he desireth conditions of peace?
  26. Jesus said that one must forsake  if he is to be his disciple?
  27. If the salt has lost it's savor it is fit for neither _____
  28. What do me do with the salt that has lost it's savor?


LUKE CHAPTER 15 - Study Luke 15 at or review Luke at

  1. In the parable of the lost sheep, how many sheep did the man have?
  2. Where did the man leave the 99 sheep while he went to seek the lost sheep? 
  3. When the man found his lost sheep where did he lay it?
  4. What “emotion” shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth?
  5. Who will be expressing the joy in heaven? A. God B. Angels C. Satan
  6. Joy shall be in heaven over one sinner that repenteth, more than over  just persons?
  7. Regarding the woman that lost a piece of silver, how many did she originally have?
  8. What did the woman do, in seeking to find the lost piece of silver (2 things)?
  9. When the lost is found there is joy in the presence of who in heaven? A. God B. Angels C. Satan
  10. In the parable of the prodigal son how many sons did the father have? 
  11. Where did the younger son go after he received his portion of goods?
  12. How did the younger son waste his substance? With what?
  13. A Citizen of that country gave the younger son a job. What was it?
  14. Of necessity what was the younger son forced to eat?
  15. What was the younger son’s attitude about returning to his father?
  16. What happened in the land after the younger son spent all?
  17. What did the younger son want his father to make him since he was no more worthy to be called his son?
  18. What did the father do when he saw his son yet a great way off?
  19. What did the father have put on his son?
  20. What did the father kill in celebration of the return of his son? 
  21. How did the father describe the former condition and current condition of his son (2 ways)? 
  22. Where was the elder son when the lost son came home?
  23. When the elder son drew nigh to the house what did he hear?
  24. Who did he question regarding the festivities?
  25. The elder son and the father discussed the situation “where”?
  26. The elder son described his brother as having devoured his living with _____?
  27. What did the father say to the elder son regarding his possessions?
  28. What emotion did the elder son display?


LUKE CHAPTER 16 - Study Luke 16 at or review Luke at

  1. In the parable of the unrighteous steward what was the steward accused of?
  2. When the steward considered losing his stewardship what would he have been ashamed to do?
  3. When one of the Lord’s debtors said he owed all hundred measures of oil, what did the steward say he should quickly do?
  4. What did the steward tell the debtor that owed an hundred measures of wheat to do?
  5. “If therefore ye have not been faithful in the unrighteous mammon, who will commit to your trust the _____”?
  6. “No servant can serve two masters. . . . Ye cannot serve God and ”?
  7. That which is highly esteemed among men is what in the sight of God? 
  8. What would be easier to happen that “one tittle of the law to fail”? 
  9. Who so ever putteth away his wife and marrieth another, committeth what? 
  10. In the story of the rich man and Lazarus what was the rich man clothed in?
  11. Where was Lazarus laid so that he could be fed the crumbs from the rich man?
  12. What physical affliction did Lazarus suffer from? 
  13. What animals licked his sores?
  14. When the beggar died, where was he carried and by whom?
  15. After the rich man died where did he find himself?
  16. Who did the rich man see from afar off when he was in hell?
  17. Who did the rich man ask father Abraham to send to cool his tongue?
  18. In what fashion did the rich man ask for water to be given to him?
  19. What separated the rich man from Lazarus?
  20. How many of his brethren did the rich man want Lazarus to go to and testify unto them?
  21. Abraham told the rich man that his 5 brethren had who to hear from?


LUKE CHAPTER 17 - Study Luke 17 at or review Luke at

  1. What would be better to happen to an individual than to offend one of these little ones? 
  2. What should you do to a brother if he trespass against you? 
  3. What should you do if a brother repents?
  4. If a brother trespass 7 times against you and repents 7 times in what period of time should you forgive him? 
  5. Jesus said our faith should be a grain of what?
  6. With faith as a grain of mustard seed Jesus said we would find what kind of tree would obey us?
  7. Jesus said that we would ask our servant to do what three things for us when he comes in from working before he is told to go and sit down to eat?
  8. What kind of servants should we call ourselves when we have done all those things which are commanded us? 
  9. What two areas are mentioned in Chapter 17 that Jesus passed through as he went toward Jerusalem? 
  10. How many lepers met him in a certain village on his journey to Jerusalem?
  11. Who did Jesus tell the lepers they were to go show themselves to?
  12. How many of the lepers turned back after he was healed? 
  13. What did the one leper who turned back do in a loud voice? 
  14. What was the nationality of the one leper who turned back? 
  15. Jesus said to the one leper who turned back what had made him whole?
  16. Who demanded of Jesus to tell them when the kingdom of God should come? 
  17. Jesus told the Pharisees that the kingdom of God was where?
  18. Jesus said the Son of Man would be like what that lighteneth out of the one part under heaven?
  19. Jesus said that as it was in the day of who, so shall it be in the days of the Son of man? 
  20. What did the people do in the days prior to Noah entering the ark?
  21. What destroyed everyone in the days of Noah? 
  22. What did the people do in the days of Lot?
  23. What rained on Sodom when Lot left it?
  24. What will the one on his housetop not do when the day comes that the Son of Man is revealed? 
  25. What will the one in the field not do when the day comes that the Son of Man is revealed?
  26. Jesus said to remember who? 
  27. In this time, what will happen to the one who seeks to save his life?
  28. Jesus gave examples of three different groups of two people, where one would be taken and one left. Who were they?
  29. The disciples asked Jesus what questions after hearing him say what would happen when the Son of Man is revealed?
  30. Jesus said “Wheresoever the body is, thither will what be gathered together? 


LUKE CHAPTER 18 - Study Luke 18 at or review Luke at

  1. Jesus said that men ought always to pray and not ?
  2. In Jesus’ parable of the judge, who did he fear not? 
  3. Who came to the judge and asked him to avenge their adversary?
  4. Why did the judge finally agree to do what the widow asked him?
  5. How will God avenge his own elect which cry day and night unto him?
  6. In another parable, Jesus describes two men who went up into the temple to pray. Who were they?
  7. How many times did the Pharisee use the term “I” in his prayer to God?
  8. The Pharisee thanked God that he was not like what other men?
  9. How often did the Pharisee fast? 
  10. What two things did the Publican do with his body?
  11. What did the Publican say in his prayer?
  12. How did the Publican go down to his house? 
  13. What will happen to the one who exults himself? 
  14. The disciples rebuked those who brought what group of people to Jesus to be touched? 
  15. Jesus said the little children are like what? 
  16. Who asked Jesus “Good Master, what shall I do to inherit eternal life?
  17. Jesus said to the certain ruler that none should be called good but who?
  18. Which of the commandments did the certain ruler say he had kept form his youth?
  19. What one thing did Jesus say to the certain ruler that he lacked?
  20. If the certain ruler did what Jesus told him to do, where would his treasure be?
  21. How did the certain ruler act when he heard what Jesus was asking him to do? 
  22. What is easier to do than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God?
  23. What things are possible with God?
  24. Who answered Jesus and said he had left all to follow him?
  25. Jesus said those who had left what things would receive manifold more in this present time? 
  26. Those who left all these things would receive what in the world to come?
  27. Who did Jesus take unto him and tell what would happen to the Son of Man in Jerusalem?
  28. Who will the Son of Man be delivered unto in Jerusalem? 
  29. What 5 things happened to the Son of Man in Jerusalem? 
  30. When will the Son of Man rise again?
  31. How much of what Jesus told them, did the disciples understand?
  32. Where did Jesus find a certain blind man sitting by the way side begging?
  33. What did the blind man at Jericho first call out to Jesus?
  34. What one word did the blind man leave out when he called to Jesus a second time?
  35. Jesus said to the blind man what hath saved thee? 


LUKE CHAPTER 19 - Study Luke 19 at or review Luke at

  1. What was the name of the short person who was anxious to see Jesus?
  2. What was his economic status?
  3. What kind of tree did Zacchaeus climb up into? 
  4. What city did this occur in?
  5. What was the occupation of Zacchaeus? 
  6. What did Jesus say to Zacchaeus?
  7. Zacchaeus told Jesus that he gave how much of his goods to the poor?
  8. Zacchaeus told Jesus that if he had taken any thing from any man by false accusation, he would restore him how much?
  9. “The Son of Man is come to seek and to save that which was _?
  10. Jesus was close to what city when he told the parable of the pounds?
  11. In the parable of the pounds the Nobleman went into a far country to receive what?
  12. Before the Nobleman left how many of his servants did he call and deliver them 10 pounds? 
  13. The servant that gained 10 pounds, what was his reward? 
  14. What was the reward for the servant that gained 5 pounds?
  15. Where did the servant with one pound keep it laid up?
  16. What type of man did the one pound servant describe his master as?
  17. The Nobleman described the 10 pound man as what type of servant?
  18. How did the Nobleman describe the one pound servant?
  19. The wicked servant was told that he should have done what with the money? 
  20. What happened to the one pound the wicked servant had? 
  21. What did the Nobleman command should happen to his enemies which would not that I should reign over them?
  22. What was the name of the mount that was nigh to Bethphage and Bethany?
  23. What animal did Jesus send His disciples into a village to get?
  24. How many disciples did he send?
  25. How many men had previously ridden this colt?
  26. When the owners asked why they had loosed the colt what did the two disciples say?
  27. Who rode the colt for the first time?
  28. Where did they cast their garments first? 
  29. As Jesus rode the colt what did they do with their clothes?
  30. They praised God saying “Blessed be the _____ that cometh in the name of the Lord”?
  31. What city did Jesus weep over? 
  32. What did Jesus predict should happen to the holy city of Jerusalem?
  33. Jesus said his house is the house of 
  34. Jesus said the people that sold in the temple had made it what?
  35. What groups of people sought to destroy Jesus?


LUKE CHAPTER 20 - Study Luke 20 at or review Luke at

  1. When Jesus asked the chief priests and scribes about the baptism of John, was it from Heaven, or of men, how did they answer him? 
  2. If they had answered that the baptism of John was of me what did they fear the people would do to them? 
  3. The people thought John was a what? 
  4. In the parable of the wicked husbandmen what did he do to the first, second, and third servants that came to get fruit of the vineyard?
  5. Who did the lord send next? 
  6. How did the lord think they would receive his very own son?
  7. Why did the husbandmen kill the son?
  8. What shall the lord of the vineyard do unto the husbandmen?
  9. What will he do with the vineyard?
  10. What did the stone that the builders rejected become?
  11. What happens to those who fall upon that stone?
  12. What happens to those upon whom the stone falls?
  13. Why did not the chief priests and scribes immediately seize Jesus?
  14. Who did they send forth to “take hold of his words”?
  15. What coin did Jesus ask the spies to show him?
  16. What did he ask them regarding the penny? 
  17. Whose image was on the coin? 
  18. What sect deny that there is a resurrection? 
  19. If a man dies, leaving a wife and no children, who should take his wife?
  20. Who wrote this law? 
  21. How many husbands did this woman have? 
  22. Did the 7th husband outlive the wife?
  23. God is not a God of the dead, but of the  ?
  24. The scribes said that Christ was whose son?
  25. What book in the Old Testament is quoted by Jesus, as saying: “The Lord said unto my Lord, sit thou on my right hand”? 
  26. What would Christ’s enemies be made?
  27. David called Christ what? 
  28. Who did Jesus tell his disciples to beware of? 
  29. How did Jesus describe the scribes?
  30. What will they receive? 


LUKE CHAPTER 21 - Study Luke 21 at or review Luke at

  1. How many mites did the poor widow cast into the treasury?
  2. How did Christ describe the amount the poor widow gave?
  3. “There shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down describes the condition of what in the days that will come?
  4. What must first come to pass before the end is near?
  5. Jesus warned not to be terrified when ye shall hear of what?
  6. Where will they be delivered to?
  7. They will be betrayed by whom?
  8. They shall be hated by whom and why? 
  9. Their souls would be possessed in what?
  10. The desolation is nigh when they shall see what?
  11. Those in Judea are to flee where? 
  12. Jerusalem shall be trodden down by whom? 
  13. How shall the Son of Man come? 
  14. What is at hand when all these things come to pass?
  15. Heaven and earth shall pass away, but what will continue? 
  16. Jesus warned to take heed to yourselves lest your hearts be overcharged with what?
  17. The end would come on all that dwell on the face of the whole earth as a what?
  18. In order to escape all these things, what did Jesus advise them to do?
  19. After these teachings, Jesus went out that night to what location?


LUKE CHAPTER 22 - Study Luke 22 at or review Luke at

  1. What is the feast of the unleavened bread called? 
  2. What two groups of people sought to kill Jesus?
  3. Who did Judas Iscariot commune with to betray Jesus?
  4. When was Judas to betray Jesus?
  5. Then came the day of unleavened bread when the Passover must be _____?
  6. Who did Jesus send to prepare the Passover? 
  7. How would they identify the person in whose house they would have the Passover feast?
  8. What were they to say?
  9. When will Jesus eat again of the Passover?
  10. Put in correct order: (Broke Bread ___) (Gave Thanks  ___) ( Gave Thanks ___ ) ( Divided cup ___) (Drank Cup ___)
  11. Jesus said, “the cup is the _____  in my blood.”
  12. Where was the hand of him that betrayeth Jesus? 
  13. What were the two things the disciples discussed after the Lord’s supper?
  14. What should the greatest among you do? 
  15. How was Christ among them? 
  16. Who was Christ among them? 
  17. What did Christ appoint to them that His Father appointed to him?
  18. What will the twelve sit on? 
  19. What will they do?
  20. Who did Satan desire to sift like wheat?
  21. What did Jesus pray for Peter? 
  22. When was Peter to strengthen his brothers? 
  23. Where did Peter say he was ready to go with Jesus?
  24. Jesus said Peter would deny him  times before the .
  25. What did the disciples lack when they went without purse, script and shoes? 
  26. What were they to sell? To buy? 
  27. And he was reckoned  for the things concerning 
  28. How many swords were there? 
  29. What mount was Jesus accustomed to go?
  30. What were they to pray for?
  31. How far did Jesus go to kneel and pray?
  32. Fill in the blanks: “Father, if thou be willing, remove this cup from me.  _____ be done.”
  33. Who appeared to Jesus while he was praying the night of his betrayal and what did he do? 
  34. What fell from Jesus as it were great drops of blood? 
  35. When Jesus found his disciples sleeping, what did he say to them?
  36. How did Judas betray Jesus? 
  37. What did Jesus say to Judas when he gave him the betrayal kiss?
  38. What was his followers question when they saw what was happening at this time? 
  39. What happened to the servant of the high priest?
  40. What was Jesus’ reply to the question and the actions of his followers?
  41. Who was there to arrest Jesus? 
  42. What did Jesus say to them? 
  43. Where did they take Jesus first?
  44. Who followed afar off? 
  45. Where was Peter when he denied Jesus? 
  46. The first time Peter denied Jesus he said “ I know him not.” The second time someone said thou art of them, Peter said: “ I am not.”
  47. The third time someone said, “of a truth, this fellow also was with him; for he is a Galilean”, Peter said: “ I know of what thou sayest.”
  48. When did the cock crow? 
  49. When Peter remembered what Jesus had said, what did he do?
  50. What all did they do to Jesus?
  51. Who all was present at his hearing the next day?
  52. Where did Jesus say he would be sitting here after?
  53. Why did the leaders say they did not need witnesses anymore?


LUKE CHAPTER 23 - Study Luke 23 at or review Luke at

  1. The multitude accused Jesus (before Pilate) of: “_____ the nation and forbidding to give _____ to Caesar, saying that he himself is Christ a _____.”
  2. What was Jesus’ reply when Pilate asked him if he was indeed King of the Jews? 
  3. Three times Pilate gave the people the same response concerning the accusations against Jesus. What was that response?
  4. When Pilate knew Jesus was from Galilee, he sent him to what tetrarch?
  5. In what city did Herod question Jesus?
  6. What emotion did Herod show upon seeing Jesus?
  7. How long had Herod desired to see Jesus? 
  8. Jesus talked to Herod about what subject? 
  9. Herod with his men, put what piece of clothing on Jesus?
  10. After seeing Herod, Jesus was sent to A) the cross B) the high priest C) the governor
  11. Herod and Pilate were childhood friends? True False
  12. What murderer and insurrectionist did Pilate release at the multitudes’ request?
  13. A man carried Jesus’ cross - who was this man and from what country did he come from?
  14. Who was Jesus speaking to when he said, “Daughters of Jerusalem, weep not for me, but weep for yourselves and for your children.”?
  15. Jesus was crucified with two malefactors at what place? 
  16. After Jesus was crucified, what two things were done with his clothes?
  17. What three groups of people told Jesus to save himself if He was truly Christ, the King of the Jews?
  18. What did the soldiers offer Jesus to drink?
  19. In what three languages was the superscription above him written in?
  20. What did the superscription say? 
  21. Who said, “Lord, remember me when thou comest into thy kingdom?”
  22. Where did Jesus and the malefactor go that day after being at Calvary?
  23. The darkness that overtook the whole earth began at the _____ hour and ended at the _____ hour.
  24. What happened to the veil of the temple on the crucifixion day?
  25. After Jesus died, a centurion glorified God and said, “certainly this was a  _____. “
  26. What man begged Pilate for the body of Jesus? What was his occupation?
  27. What was Jesus’ body wrapped with for the burial? 
  28. A group of women witnessed both the crucifixion and burial of Christ. Where were these women from? 
  29. On what day of the week was Jesus crucified?
  30. What 3 things did Jesus say on the cross?
  31. How shall this child go before him?
  32. What was he to make ready?
  33. What did Zacharias ask the angel? 
  34. What was this angel’s name?
  35. Why was Gabriel sent? 
  36. In whose presence did Gabriel stand? 
  37. Why was Zacharias not able to speak from this point until John’s birth?
  38. When would these things be fulfilled?
  39. Why did those waiting marvel?
  40. When he came out what could he not do?
  41. What did they perceive?
  42. How did Zacharias react to the people? 
  43. When did he depart to his own house?
  44. After Elizabeth conceived, how long did she hide herself?
  45. What were Elizabeth’s words on this? 
  46. In what month was Gabriel sent from God?
  47. Where did Gabriel go? 
  48. To whom was Gabriel sent? 
  49. Joseph was of the house of _____.
  50. The virgin’s name was?
  51. What did Gabriel say to Mary when he came into her?
  52. How did Mary react to Gabriel’s sayings?
  53. What did Gabriel tell Mary?
  54. Her son would be called ?
  55. He shall be _____ and shall be called _____?
  56. What would God give Jesus? 
  57. Over what would Jesus reign? 
  58. What would have no end?
  59. What question did Mary then ask Gabriel? 
  60. How did Gabriel explain Jesus’ conception to Mary? 
  61. What did Gabriel tell Mary regarding Elizabeth?
  62. What relation were Mary & Elizabeth?
  63. With God _____.
  64. Mary called herself the _____.
  65. How did Mary show she believed the angel?
  66. Where did Mary go after this news?
  67. Whose house did she enter?
  68. Who did she salute?
  69. What happened to Elizabeth at Mary’s salutation? 
  70. What did Elizabeth say to Mary? 
  71. What question did Elizabeth ask Mary?
  72. Mary said her soul _____?
  73. Mary said her spirit?
  74. Why?
  75. Who was to be blessed?
  76. Who had done great things?
  77. Who receives God’s mercy? 
  78. How had he shown strength? 
  79. What had he done to the proud? 
  80. What had he done to the mighty? 
  81. With what had he filled the hungry?
  82. Who was called his servant?
  83. Who had he spoken to?
  84. How long did Mary stay with Elizabeth?
  85. Where did she go after leaving Elizabeth?
  86. Who rejoiced with Elizabeth?
  87. On what day did they come to circumcise the child?
  88. What did they call the child at first?  Why? 
  89. What did his mother say? 
  90. What did the people say to Elizabeth? 
  91. How did they communicate with Zacharias?
  92. Zacharias asked for a _____?
  93. Zacharias said his name shall be .
  94. The people _____.
  95. What happened to Zacharias’ dumbness?
  96. Fear came upon who _____.
  97. Where were these things told _____. 
  98. What question did all that heard these things ask? 
  99. Zacharias was filled with the Holy Ghost and did what? 
  100. The child  and waxed strong in _____ and was in the  until the day of his  unto _____.


LUKE CHAPTER 24 - Study Luke 24 at or review Luke at

  1. Fear came upon who _____.
  2. Where were these things told?
  3. Where was the stone? 
  4. Did the women enter the sepulchre or stay outside?
  5. Who stood by them?  Dressed in what? 
  6. What question did the angels ask?
  7. Where did the angels say Jesus was?
  8. What words did the women remember? 
  9. Who did they tell these things to?
  10. Name these women.
  11. Did the 11 believe these women?
  12. Their words seemed to them as  tales.
  13. How did Peter go to the sepulchre? 
  14. What was “laid by themselves?” 
  15. What city was about threescore furlongs from Jerusalem? 
  16. What were the two discussing?
  17. Did they know Jesus when he joined with them?
  18. What was one of the two men’s name?
  19. What question did Cleopas ask Jesus? 
  20. What did Jesus expound to the two?
  21. Why did the two constrain Jesus as they came near the village?
  22. When were their eyes opened? 
  23. Who vanished out of their sight? 
  24. What did they say one to another?
  25. Where did the two return to tell the 11 these things?
  26. Who did they say the Lord hath appeared to?
  27. When did Jesus appear in their midst? 
  28. What words did Jesus say, standing in the midst of them?
  29. What did they suppose they had seen? 
  30. What body parts did Jesus tell them to behold?
  31. What does not a spirit have?
  32. While they yet believed not and wondered, what did Jesus ask them?
  33. What food was given Jesus?
  34. Where were these words, spoken by Jesus, written?
  35. What was opened for the disciples? 
  36. Where was preaching of repentance and remission of sins to be started? 
  37. Why were they to wait in Jerusalem? 
  38. Where did he (Jesus) lead them? 
  39. At Bethany what did Jesus do (3 things)?
  40. How did they return to Jerusalem?
  41. Where were they continually praising and blessing God?


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