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v1. What did Jesus say about a certain rich man's steward?

a. He was happy.

b. He was accused of wasting his goods. 

c. He was lonely.


v2. What did the steward need to do?

a. Leave and go his own way.

b. Give account of his stewardship. 

c. Go as he pleased.


v3. What question did the steward ask of himself?

a. Will I be fired.

b. Will he ignore me.

c. What shall I do. 


v4. What was he going to do when he was put out?

a. Beg form others.

b. Borrow to pay his debt.

c. He called his debtors. 


v5. How many debtors did he call?

a. Every one of his Lord's debtors. 

b. Three.

c. Twenty.


v6. How many measures of oil did the first debtor owe?

a. 10.

b. 100. 

c. 1,000.


v6. How much was written on the bill of the man mentioned in the last question?

a. 25.

b. 50. 

c. 200.


v7. When he asked the next what he owed he said what?

a. 100. 

b. 25.

c. 80.


v7. What was written on this mans bill?

a. 20.

b. 80.

c. Four score. 


v8. What did the lord do to the unjust steward?

a. He laughed at him.

b. Commended him for his wise deed. 

c. He argued with him.


v8. Who was wiser that the children of light?

a. All children.

b. The Jews.

c. The children of the world. 


v9. Who were they to make friends with?

a. Mammon of unrighteousness. 

b. Jews.

c. Samaritans.


v10. What happens to those who are faithful in the least?

a. It made no difference.

b. They would be faithful in much. 

c. They can't be trusted.


v10. What happened to those who are unjust in the least?

a. They would be unjust in much. 

b. They would be unjust in little.

c. They would be thrown out.


v13. What happens if a servant serves two masters?

a. He will love them both.

b. Hate them both.

c. He will hate the one and love the other. 


v13. If we hold to one we will despise the other which means?

a. It's what God wants.

b. You cannot serve God and mammon. 

c. We can have them both.


v14. Who heard these things and derided him?

a. The Jews.

b. Pharisees.

c. Pharisees who were covetous. 


v15. Who justified themselves before men?

a. Pharisees. 

b. Jews.

c. Sadducees.


v15. What is esteemed among men that is an abomination in God's sight?

a. Jesus.

b. Pharisees.

c. Samaritans.


v16. What was to be until John?

a. The law.

b. The prophets.

c. The law and the prophets. 


v17. What was easier for heaven and earth to do than for one tittle of the law to fail?

a. To burn up.

b. To pass. 

c. To be flooded.


v18. What happens to one who puts away his wife and marries another?

a. His sins are forgiven.

b. Nothing.

c. He committeth adultery. 


v18. What happens to the one who marries her that is put away?

a. He also commits adultery. 

b. He lives okay in God's eyes.

c. He will soon die.


v19. How was the rich man dressed?

a. In rags.

b. Purple and fine linen, and fared sumptuously. 

c. Like the common people.


v20. Who was the beggar mentioned in verse 20?

a. John.

b. Lot.

c. Lazarus. 


v20. Where did Lazarus lay?

a. At the synagogue.

b. At the market place.

c. At the rich man's gate. 


v21. What did this beggar want from the rich man?

a. Clothes.

b. The crumbs that fell from the rich man's table. 

c. A place to sleep.


v21. What licked his sores?

a. Cats.

b. Dogs. 

c. The bugs.


v22. Where was the beggar carried by the angels?

a. Abraham's bosom. 

b. A cave.

c. His tomb.


v22-23. What happened to the rich man?

a. Continued and died a poor man.

b. Died and was buried, and raised his eyes upon hell being in torments. 

c. Died and was buried, and went to heaven.


v23. Who did he see afar off?

a. Angels.

b God.

c. Lazarus in Abraham's bosom. 


v24. What did the rich man ask of Abraham?

a. To forgive him of his sins.

b. For Abraham to have mercy on him. 

c. For him to tell God that he was sorry.


v24. What did the rich man want Lazarus to do for him?

a. To dip the tip of his finger in water that he may cool his tongue. 

b. To trade places with him.

c. To cool him off.


v24. How did the rich man feel?

a. Happy.

b. Sad.

c. In torment and flame. 


v25. What did Abraham tell the rich man to remember?

a. How evil he was.

b. That he had received good things and now he receives torment. 

c. You were a good guy.


v26. Why couldn't they pass back and fourth?

a. There was a great gulf blocked the way. 

b. A river blocked the way.

c. A mountain blocked the way.


v27. Where did the rich man want Lazarus to go?

a. His house.

b. His masters.

c. His fathers house. 


v28. How many brethren did the rich man have?

a. 6.

b. 7.

c. 5. 


v29. Who did Abraham say they could listen to?

a. King David.

b. Moses and the prophets. 

c. John.


v30-31. What did Abraham tell the rich man about his loved ones repenting?

a. He would send Lazarus.

b. That if wouldn't believe Moses and the prophets then they won't listen to one rose from the dead. 

c. They will repent.

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