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v1. Into whose house did Jesus go at the beginning of Chapter 14?

a. The chief ruler of the synagogue.

b. The high priest.

c. One of the chief Pharisees. 


v2. At the house of the chief Pharisee, there was a man who had a disease; what was it?

a. Taken with a palsy.

b. Dropsy. 

c. Vexed with certain devils.


v2-4. True or False. The man who was healed of the dropsy was told to go and tell it abroad?

a. True.

b. False. 


v4. "Which of you shall have an ass or an ox fallen into a _______, and will not straightway pull him out on the Sabbath day?"

a. Pit. 

b. Ditch.

c. Hole.


v8-9. Jesus told a parable and told those listening to not take the highest room at a wedding. Why?

a. Because a more honourable man may be given your seat and then you will be ashamed. 

b. Because a less honourable man will become angry and try to kill you.

c. Neither.


v10. According to Jesus parable; what might happen when you take the lowest room at the wedding?

a. He that bade thee may tell thee to go lower.

b. He that bade thee may tell thee to go higher. 

c. He that bade thee may say that thou belongeth there.


v11. "Whosoever exalteth himself shall be ______."

a. Abased. 

b. Made low.

c. Made to honour God.


v12. Who did Jesus tell the chief Pharisee not to invite to a dinner or supper?

a. Friends, brethren, kinsmen, rulers.

b. Friends, brethren, kinsmen, people in high places.

c. Friends, brethren, kinsmen, rich neighbors. 


v13. Who was the chief Pharisee supposed to invite?

a. Poor, lame, maimed, blind. 

b. Poor, sick, neglected, homeless.

c. Sick, ugly, poor.


v14. When one invites the poor, lame, maimed, and blind; where will he be recompensed? Choose the most correct.

a. At the resurrection of the damned.

b. At the resurrection.

c. At the resurrection of the just. 


v15. What prompted Jesus to tell the parable of the great supper?

a. One of them that sat at meat with him said, "Blessed is he that shall partake of the bread of life."

b. One of them that sat at meat with him said, "Blessed is he that shall eat bread in the kingdom of God. 

c. One of them that sat at meat with him said, "Blessed is he that shall eat and drink and be merry.


v17. In the parable of the great supper, what was the servant sent to say to them that were bidden?

a. Come; for all things are now ready. 

b. Come; eat, drink, and be merry.

c. Come; for a great feast is prepared.


v18-20. What three excuses were put forth by those who were bidden to the supper?

a. I have bought a piece of ground; bought five yoke of oxen; married a wife. 

b. Bought a piece of ground; bury my father; married a wife.

c. Bought an house, bought five yoke of oxen, married a wife.


v21. When the master of the house heard of the excuses, what did he do?

a. Called off the feast.

b. Sent his servant back out to take vengeance on them.

c. Sent his servant back out to invite the poor. 


v22. True or False. Once the servant went out to ask the poor to come to dinner, there was still room.

a. True. 

b. False.


v24. Who does Jesus say cannot be his disciple?

a. Anyone who puts his hand to the plow and looks back.

b. Anyone who does not hate his family and his own life. 

c. Both A and B.


v28. "For which of you, intending to build a _______, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost,"

a. Tower. 

b. House.

c. Wall.


v31. Beside the one building the tower; what other example does Jesus use to teach us about counting the cost?

a. A man building an house upon a rock.

b. A king going to make war. 

c. Neither.


v34. "Salt is good: but if the salt have lost his ________, wherewith shall it be seasoned?

a. Flavor.

b. Savour. 

c. Spice.


v35. What is salt that lost its savour not good for?

a. Land or dunghill. 

b. Land or wayside.

c. Wayside or dunghill.

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