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v1. Jesus appointed how many others also?

a. 24.

b. 70.

c. 12.

v1. How were these 70 sent?

a. In pairs.

b. 2 by 2

c. 2 and 2

v2. Finish the quotation: “The harvest truly is _____ but the labourers are _____”.

a. Great, few.

b. Plentiful, few.

c. Sparse, plentiful.

v3. Jesus said he sent them forth:

a. As sheep among the goats.

b. As sheep in the midst of ravening wolves.

c. As lambs among wolves.

v4. Jesus told them to carry neither purse, nor scrip, _____...

a. Neither staves, neither bread.

b. Nor shoes and salute no man by the way.

c. As lambs among wolves.

v5. Into whatsoever house they entered, they were to first say:

a. Peace be to this house.

b. Peace be unto this house and all who abide herein.

c. May the God of peace abide here.

v6. What would happen if a “son of peace” was not there?

a. It [your peace] shall turn to you again.

b. You shall call down fire from heaven.

c. You shall salute the man by the way.

v7. In that house they were to eat and drink _____?

a. Whatsoever Moses commanded.

b. Such things as they give.

c. Only that which is lawful on the Sabbath.

v8-9. What were they to say in the cities which received them?

a. The kingdom of heaven is come nigh unto you.

b. The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

c. The kingdom of God is at hand.

v10-11. What were they to include in their speech from a city they entered which would not receive them.

a. Be ye sure of this, even the very dust of your city we do wipe off where it cleaveth on us.

b. Notwithstanding be ye sure of this, the kingdom of heaven is come nigh unto you.

c. The kingdom of God is come nigh unto you.

v12-14. “Woes” are pronounced upon what two cities?

a. Bethsaida & Capernaum.

b. Capernaum & Chorazin.

c. Bethsaida & Chorazin.

v12-14. It would be more tolerable for what three cities than for Bethsaida & Chorazin?

a. Sodom, Gomorrah, Tyre.

b. Tyre, Sidon, Sodom.

c. Capernaum, Tyre, Sidon.

v15. What city was exalted to heaven, but would be thrust down to hell.

a. Athens.

b. Bethsaida.

c. Capernaum.

v16. Jesus said that whoever despised him, despised whom?

a. God.

b. His disciples.

c. Him that sent me.

v17. The 70 returned with _____.

a. Joy.

b. Bumps & bruises.

c. Many converts.

v18. Jesus said that he “beheld Satan as _____ fall from heaven”.

a. Rain.

b. Lightning.

c. Manna.

v19. Jesus said he would give his disciples power to tread on _____.

a. Scorpions & snakes.

b. Serpents & vipers.

c. Serpents & scorpions.

v20. Why should the disciples rejoice?

a. Because their names were written in heaven.

b. Because the spirits were subject unto him.

c. Both a & b.

v21. Jesus said he was glad God had hidden these things from:

a. The scribes and Pharisees.

b. The wise and prudent.

c. The Pharisees and prudent.

v22. Who delivered all things to Jesus?

a. God.

b. The Father.

c. UPS.

v23-24. Who had desired to see and hear the things which the disciples had seen and heard?

a. Kings & prophets.

b. Prophets & wise men.

c. Wise men & kings.

v25. Who stood up to tempt Jesus?

a. A certain ruler of the synagogue.

b. A certain Pharisee.

c. A certain lawyer.

v26. What two questions did Jesus ask the lawyer?

a. What is written? How readest thou in the law?

b. What is written in the law? How readest thou?

c. Neither is totally correct.

v27. Thou shalt love the lord your God with all of what four things?

a. Heart, soul, strength, mind.

b. Heart, spirit, soul, strength.

c. Soul, strength, mind, power.

v28. Jesus told him that he had answered _____?

a. Right.

b. Rightly.

c. Justly.

v29/30. A certain man went down from _____?

a. Jericho to Jerusalem.

b. Jerusalem to Jericho.

c. Samaria to Jericho.

v34. The certain Samaritan placed the man on his _____?

a. Own beast.

b. Own donkey.

c. Fathers donkey.

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