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v41. "And why beholdest thou the _____ in thy brother's eye, but perceivest not the _____ in thine own eye?"

a. Speck, beam.

b. Beam, mote.

c. Mote, beam. 

v44. "Every tree is known by his _____."

a. Roots.

b. Fruit.

c. Produce.

v45. "For of the abundance of the heart _____."

a. His mouth speaketh.

b. His deeds shew.

c. His fruits come.

v3-4. According to Jesus, what did David eat when he (and those with him) were hungry?

a. Shewbread.

b. Corn.

c. Manna.

v20. According to Jesus; to whom does the kingdom of god belong?

a. The poor.

b. Those who weep.

c. Those who hunger.

v25. According to Jesus, what would happen to those who laugh now?

a. They shall see heaven.

b. They shall receive mercy.

c. They shall mourn and weep.

v26. According to Jesus, who did men speak well of?

a. Prophets.

b. False prophets. 

c. Men of god.

v35. According to Jesus' teaching, one should lend for what purpose?

a. In hope of receiving again.

b. Hoping for nothing again. 

c. Hoping for eternal life.

v24. According to Jesus, who had received their consolation?

a. The mighty.

b. The rich. 

c. The poor.

v17. After Jesus chose his disciples, he went with them into the plain and a great multitude came to him. For what two reasons did they come?

a. To hear him and to be healed of their diseases. 

b. To hear him and to test him.

c. To follow him and to be healed of their diseases.

v5. Finish the quote; "That the _________________ is lord also of the Sabbath."

a. Son of man. 

b. Son of god.

c. Holy one of god.

v6. In Luke 6, where was Jesus when a man with a withered hand came to him?

a. The temple.

b. Jericho.

c. The synagogue. 

v39. In Jesus' parable, what happens when the blind lead the blind?

a. They both receive sight.

b. They lose their way.

c. They both fall into the ditch. 

v3. In defending his disciple's eating of the corn on the Sabbath, whom did Jesus use as an example?

a. Abraham.

b. David. 

c. Jacob.

v47-48. Jesus says that whosoever hears his sayings is like what man?

a. The man who built his house upon the rock. 

b. The man who built his house upon the sand.

c. The wise man.

v9. Jesus asked the Pharisees one question before he healed the man with the withered hand. What was it?

a. Is it lawful on the Sabbath days to do good or to do evil? 

b. Is it lawful on the Sabbath days to do good unto all men?

c. Is it lawful on the Sabbath days to help the children of god?

v19. Many in the multitude in Luke 6 sought to touch Jesus because _____ went out of him.

a. Power.

b. Virtue. 

c. Energy.

v44. Men do not gather figs from what?

a. A bramble bush.

b. Thorns. 

c. Bristles.

v1. On what day did the disciples of Jesus pluck ears of corn?

a. The first Sabbath after the second. 

b. The second Sabbath after the first.

c. The second Sabbath after the third.

v14-15. There were two Simons who were disciples; what were their other names?

a. Peter and Zelotes. 

b. Peter and Alphaeus.

c. Peter and Mattathias.

v35. Those who love their enemies and do good and lend, hoping to receive nothing again, will be children of _____.

a. The highest. 

b. God.

c. The father of lights.

v28. What is one to do for those who despitefully use them?

a. Curse them.

b. Love them.

c. Pray for them. 

v28. What are men to do to those that curse them?

a. Bless them. 

b. Curse them back.

c. Love them.

v11. What was the reaction of the Pharisees when Jesus healed the man with the withered hand?

a. The wondered.

b. They were filled with indignation.

c. They were filled with madness. 

v29. What should one do to a person who took his cloak?

a. Don't forbid him to take his shoes also.

b. Don't forbid him to take his coat also. 

c. Go to the judge for justice.

v2. What question did the Pharisees ask Jesus' disciples when they saw them plucking corn?

a. Why do ye eat and drink?

b. Know ye not that it is against the law to steal?

c. Why do ye that which is not lawful? 

v42. What must one do to see clearly to cast the mote out of his brother's eye?

a. Cast the mote out of thine own eye.

b. Cast the beam out of thine own eye. 

c. Cast the plank out of thine own eye.

v7. When the man with the withered hand came to Jesus, why did the Pharisees watch Jesus?

a. To see whether he would heal on the Sabbath day.

b. To find an accusation against Jesus.

c. Both a & b. 

v12. Where did Jesus go to pray on the evening before he chose his twelve disciples?

a. Into the wilderness.

b. Into a mountain. 

c. Into a desert place.

v6. Which hand was withered on the man who came to Jesus on the Sabbath to be healed in Luke 6?

a. Left.

b. Right. 

c. Doesn't say.

v14-16. Which of these was not one of the twelve disciples?

a. Peter.

b. Matthew.

c. Mark. 

v4. Who was allowed by the Law to eat the Shewbread?

a. The high Priest.

b. The priests.

c. The Levites. 

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