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v1.  When Jesus returned from Jordan, he was full of:

a.  The Spirit.

b.  The Holy Ghost.

c.  Zeal for his Father's house.

v1.  Who led Jesus into the wilderness?

a.  John.

b.  The Holy Ghost.

c.  The Spirit.

v2.  Jesus went without food for:

a.  Forty-days.

b.  Forty one days.

c.  Forty days and nights.

v3.  The first temptation in Luke's account is:

a.  Worship Satan and all the kingdoms of the world would be his.

b.  Turn a stone into bread.

c.  Cast himself from the pinnacle of the temple and let the angels bear him up.

v4.  What did Jesus say man should live by, and not bread alone.

a.  By every word of God.

b.  By Faith.

c.  By Grace.

v5.  How long did it take the devil to show Jesus the kingdoms of the world?

a.  Forty days.

b.  The twinkling of an eye.

c.  A moment of time.

v6.  Which of the following did the devil NOT say he would give Jesus upon showing him the kingdoms of the world?

a.  All this power.

b.  All this might.

c.  The glory of them.

v7.  What did Jesus have to do to receive the kingdoms of the world?

a.  Cast himself from the pinnacle.

b.  Worship Satan.

c.  Praise and worship Satan.

v9.  Where was the temple Satan took Jesus to tempt him?

a.  Bethlehem.

b.  Judaea.

c.  Jerusalem.

v10.  The angels were:

a.  Given charge over Jesus.

b.  To keep Jesus.

c.  Both a and b.

v13.  The devil left Jesus:

a.  After each temptation.

b.  When he had ended all the temptation.

c.  After a season.

v14.  How did Jesus return to Galilee?

a.  By boat.

b.  In the power of the Spirit.

c.  By the Holy Ghost

v16.  why did Jesus stand up in the synagogue on the Sabbath day?

a.  To read.

b.  To pray.

c.  To Teach.

v18-19.  Which of the following was Jesus NOT sent to do?

a.  Heal the brokenhearted.

b.  Preach the acceptable year of the Lord.

c.  Bring peace.

v26.  Who was the widow Elias was sent to?

a.  A widow of Sarepta.

b.  Herodias.

c.  Jochabed.

v26.  Where was Sarepta?

a.  Tyre.

b.  Sidon.

c.  Jericho.

v27.  What leper was cleansed in the time of Eliseus the prophet?

a.  Naaman the Syrian.

b.  Araunah the King.

c.  Abishag the Shunamite.

v28.  How did the people in Nazareth respond?

a.  They repented.

b.  They were filled with joy.

c.  They were filled with wrath.

v29-30.  What were the people's intentions when they led Jesus to the brow of the hill?

a.  To let him pass through on his way.

b.  To cast him down headlong.

c.  To make an example of him.

v31.  Where did Jesus go after leaving the angry mob at Nazareth?

a.  Capernaum, a city of Galilee.

b.  Capernaum, a city of Judaea.

c.  Caanan.

v31.  When did Jesus teach them in Capernaum?

a.  The Sabbath day.

b.  Every day.

c.  The Sabbath days.

v34.  Which name did the spirit of an unclean devil NOT call Jesus?

a.  Holy Son of God.

b.  Jesus of Nazareth.

c.  Holy One of God.

v37 and v14.  Where was Jesus both times we are told the fame of him spread?

a.  Galilee.

b.  Nazareth.

c.  Jerusalem.

v38.  Who in Simon's house was sick with a great fever?

a.  Simon's wife.

b.  Simon's mother.

c.  Simon's wife's mother.

v40-41.  Which of the following did Jesus NOT do when the sun was setting?

a.  Go to bed.

b.  Lay hands on the sick.

c.  Cast out devils.

v41.  Why did Jesus suffer the devils not to speak?

a.  They were loud.

b.  They knew he was Christ.

c.  They would expose him.

v.42-43.  When the people wanted Jesus to stay with them, Jesus said:

a.  I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also...

b.  I must go about my father's business.

c.  I am sent to do God's will.

v44.  Where in Galilee did Jesus preach?

a.  The temples.

b.  The streets.

c.  The synagogues.

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