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John 17 Outline - The Lord’s Intercessory Prayer



Glorify Thy Son. (vv.1-5)

• Jesus asks that the Father glorify Him so that He may glorify the Father. (v.1)

• Jesus has been given power over all flesh and has the power to give eternal life to those whom the Father has given Him. (v.2)

• "This life eternal"... That they might know thee, the only true God, and Jesus Christ. (v.3)

• Jesus states that He had glorified the Father on the earth and that He had finished the work that He was given to do. (v.4)

• Jesus asks to be glorified with the glory that He had with the Father before the world was. (v.5)


The Men Which Thou Gavest Me. (vv.6-10)

• Jesus had manifest (made known) the name of the Father unto the men which the Father had given Him, and they had kept His word. (v.6)

• Jesus had given unto them the words which the Father had given Him.

• Jesus prays for them but not for the world. (v.9)

• Jesus states that He is glorified in the ones who believe in Him. (v.10)


Sanctification. (vv.11-19)

• Jesus knows that He is about to leave the world and He prays that His followers may be one as He and the Father are one. (v.11)

• Jesus says that he kept all those whom the Father had given Him except the "son of perdition" that the Scripture might be fulfilled. (v.12)

• Jesus had given His followers the Word of God and the world hated them because they were not of the world. (v.14)

• Jesus doesn’t expect the Father to take them out of the world but to protect them from evil. (v.17)

• He asks the Father to sanctify His fathers through His truth which is the Word. (v.17)

• Just as the Father had sent Jesus into the world, Jesus sent His followers into the world. (v.18)


Unity. (vv.20-23)

• Jesus isn’t simply praying his 11 disciples but for all who would believe on Him through their word. (v.20)

• He prays that believers would be one as He and the Father are one. So that the world would believe that God had sent Jesus. (v.21)

• Jesus prays that they would be made "perfect" in "one.". (v.23)


Closing. (vv.24-26)

• Jesus prays that believers would be with Him where He is that they may behold His glory. (v.24)

• The world had not known the Father but Jesus had. (v.25)

• Jesus had and will declare the name of God that the love of God may be in them and He may be in them. (v.26)


"I have....."

    - I have glorified the on the earth... (v.4)

    - I have manifested thy name.... (v.6)

    - I have given unto them the words which thou gavest me.... (v.8)

    - Those that thou gavest me, I have kept.... (v.12)

    - I have given them thy word.... (v.14)

    - I have known thee.... (v.25)

    - I have declared unto them thy name.... (v.26)

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