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Multiple Choice Questions


John 14 Outline




  1. Let not your hearts be troubled.

  2. In my Father's house are many mansions.

  3. I go to prepare a place for you.

  4. I will come again.

  5. Where I am ye may be also.

  6. They knew both where and the way Jesus was going.



  1. Thomas is confused.

    1. We know not whither thou goest?

    2. How can we know the way?

  2. Jesus' answer:

    1. I am the way.

    2. He adds, I am also the truth and the life.

    3. No man comes to the Father but by Me.

  3. Philip makes a request:

    1. Show us the father.

  4. Jesus' answer:

    1. He who hast seen me has seen the Father.

    2. If you don't believe me, believe my works.



  1. Greater works than these thou shall do because I go to the Father. (v.12)

  2. Whatsoever ye ask, that will I do. (vv.13-15)

    1. That the father may be glorified.

    2. In my name.

    3. Love me, keep my commandments.

  3. I give you another comforter. (vv.16-18, vv.25,26)

    1. Another.

    2. Dwell with you and be in you.

    3. I will come to you.

    4. Teach you all things.

    5. Bring all things to your remembrance.

  4. 4. Ye shall live also. (vv.19,20)

    1. The world see me no more.

    2. Ye see me.

    3. Ye shall live also.

    4. I am in the Father, ye in me, I in you.

  5. 5. I will manifest myself. (vv.21-24)

    1. He who hath and keeps the commandments loves me.

    2. The Father and Jesus will love them.

    3. Judas not Iscariot asked a question.

    4. Jesus' answer:

      1. If a man love me, he will keep my words.

      2. Father will love him.

      3. Jesus and the Father will abode with him.

      4. If love not, then will not keep sayings.

      5. Words not Jesus' but the Father's.

  6. 6. Peace I give you. (vv.27-29)

    1. Not as the world giveth.

    2. Don't be afraid.

    3. Rejoice because He is going away.

    4. The reason for telling them was so they would believe when it happened.

  7. 7. The prince of this world cometh. (vv.30,31)

    1. Therefore, Jesus will not talk much with them.

    2. He has nothing in Jesus.

    3. Proof Jesus loves and obeys the Father.



John 14 Questions


Q1. Jesus said, if you believe in me believe also in God




Q2. If I go to prepare a place for you:

I will welcome you.

I will come again.

You can come to me.


Q3. Who said, “ can we know the way?”. (v.5)





Q4. Jesus said believe me or:

The signs I do.

The miracles I do.

The works I do.


Q5. If ye ask anything _____ I will do

According to my will.

In my Father's name.

In my name.


Q6. The other comforter is described as:

Spirit of Truth.

Holy Spirit.

Spirit of Love.


Q7. If a man loves me he will:

Love others.

Keep my words.

Obey me.


Q8. The comforter was sent by:

The Father.


Both the Father and the Son.


Q9. The reason for rejoicing over Jesus’ leaving was: (v.28)

The doubting was over.

They would receive the Holy Spirit.

The Father is greater.


QC. The chapter ends with: (v.31)

My hour is here.

The time has come.

Let us go hence.

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